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MACWORLD The new iTools

For the sake of completeness it is necessary to spend two lines also on the new features of iTools, an integral part of Apple's internet strategy together with iDisk and Homepage, although most European users (undoubtedly the Italian ones) will not be able to benefit from all the advantages that these services offer to those who have a high-speed connection. In this new Home page restyling we find: – an interface with much more Mac OS X-like elements – an expanded collection of photos and images, as well as the possibility 'to create newsletters and post their own films on the web – drag and drop capabilities for the organization of photo albums. Disk instead remains at 20MB of disk space but with the possibility – so far not foreseen – of buying more space from Apple until to a maximum of 400MB. However, as already mentioned other times by Macity, it seems that for Apple the world is limited to the USA where cable-modem, xDSL and T3 connections are on the order of the day and where, therefore, problems of transferring large documents are not as common and frequent as in Europe (and especially in Italy where, in many regions, already ADSL is a forbidden desire) (Ed. Enrico Querci)