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MACWORLD The Cube as a network server

MACWORLD The Cube as a network server

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New York The future of the G4 Cube in a hidden room to act as a local or remote network server, depriving us of its sight? The hypothesis not to be excluded, indeed, the characteristics of the machine would make it an excellent web server, at a low cost and with all the necessary on board, Jobs could only have seen along mounting a high performance video card to work also on different markets with the same machine. The G4 Cube has a 100 Mbit ethernet, excellent for a web server, while for such use a 1 GBit etherne would have been absolutely redundant; it takes up little space, a feature that is always welcome when you need to put a machine in an ISP's server room, it has more than enough RAM and HD to expand if needed; it does not have a standard monitor but can mount any VGA monitor. Moreover, the Qube by Cobalt has similar dimensions and works exclusively as a web server, with features of the lower series even if with a greater specific vocation (and more than one has associated Apple's new machine with Cobalt's Qube). those who put the new Cube next to the NextStep machines, apart from the shape analogies, unite the two machines, neither as functionality nor as positioning on the market, the machines of Next were destined to vertical and high-cost solutions for those who could afford them, Apple's Cube will have to be sold in very high volumes on different types of customers, especially where the purchase price remains a strong discriminant. Has Jobs started to introduce machines and then offer more Cube-based server solutions? For us the Cube remains an excellent machine even in the use of web servers or as a server on a medium-small LAN: lower costs compared to a G4 MP and considerable processing capabilities make it a winning solution.

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