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MACWORLD The alien

MACWORLD The alien

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New York It is an almost perfect cube. A little more than twenty centimeters per side to which must then be added the transparent plastic supports that keep it raised from the support surface. The form is revolutionary but perhaps just as revolutionary are other details of its launch. The Cube, which for Apple will be officially G4 CUBE, is in fact first of all a new system that is totally outside the marketing lines that the company had followed until yesterday. With its introduction the 2X2 line disappears (two consumer machines, two pro machines, a line of laptops and a line of desktops) that had worked so well until yesterday. The Cube is located halfway between a home computer and one for the professional market. Like the former it is not expandable (at least it does not seem to be so at first sight even if to express a definitive judgment we would expect a more detailed examination of the motherboard) and is supplied "as it is" with few possibilities of customization. Like the Pro line, it features a G4 processor (from 450 and on the model for sale at the Apple Stor also a 500 MHz) and allows you to customize the monitor. The choice to launch this hybrid that until recently no one would have imagined, must have been very well thought out already judging from these synthetic considerations. The first goal achieved is in fact the achievement of a new market target, those who, although interested in buying an Apple machine, have never been attracted by the bulky and specialized G4 but who at the same time did not consider iMac flexible enough especially for the monitor too small. In the past a very substantial feed back in this sense came from the market of companies that wanted to have products to be placed halfway between low-end Macs and those on which the desktop publishing specialists work. Systems similar to iMac but with larger screens. Hence the persistent rumors that they wanted Apple to work on a 17 'iMac. Apple, however, has built something more beautiful and elegant than an iMac with a 17 ? monitor, something that we are sure will tickle the interest of creatives and users with sophisticated tastes who will see in Apple's micromachine without a cooling fan with touch-sensitive keys, a furnishing object as well as an Apple work system, could therefore have extracted a product that covers the cylinder a new market segment, which is what many financial analysts asked aloud. In addition to the rest, the Mac cube seems to be in a position to produce high profit margins. For example, the Cube has an ATI RAGE 128 card, a 3D accelerator that is definitely at the end of its operational life. It would have been better to choose the Radeon that is presented here at Expo. But the PR disaster of yesterday of ATI that had communicated in advance the release of Radeon on an unspecified G4 system as we say apart has recommended a sudden change of program. If it was a way to offer the Canadian society an elegant way out (the press office then made sure to tell all the journalists present that that press release was wrong) or a break that will lead to other consequences we do not know, but we would not be surprised to see in the future a Cube with GeForce 2MX chip Leaving, at least for today, aside the suppositions here following the specifications

450 Mhz
500 Mhz (Only at the Apple Store)
64 Mb
128 Mb
hard disk
20 Gb Ultra Ata / 66
30 Gb Ultra Ata / 66
10/100 / center>
ATI RAGE 128 Pro AGP 2X with 16MB SDRAM video
ATI RAGE 128 Pro AGP 2X with 16MB SDRAM video
Weight in kg

measurements in cm

1,799 USD
2,299 USD

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