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MACWORLD: Expo at the Cube

MACWORLD: Expo at the Cube

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It was, therefore, the keynote that everyone expected. Enthusiasm, new products of great interest. But above all the ?Cubo? dominates without any doubt. keynote.Chi who writes quste rows then could have been among the very first to put his hands on it, as we went out to the press room in advance and rushed to the Apple stand where some specimens are on display. One of these, open, shows its interior denoting an undoubtedly sophisticated engineering process. The first question that needs to be asked is how it was possible to stick a logic board of that complexity in such a small space with no cooling fan. Taking the Cube in hand it reveals its complexity also from the weight. It is not at all light even though it is certainly handy and easy to place somewhere on the desk. We see it much less well under some work tables, as is done today with the G4s. Another hot thought that arises spontaneously is that for style dimensions, construction philosophy will become a sort of high-end iMac, with a privileged position in architecture and creative studios of all kinds. Undoubtedly there is a very large audience that despite having different needs from those of the iMac audience, for example has the need to have monitors different from a simple 15`, but it does not need different acceleration cards or to add peripherals to PCI slots. For this type of user the doubt is the perfect machine. Not far from the cube there are the multiprocessor G3s. We have had one opened and the most striking thing is the chip with the impressive heat dissipation system. Next to another chip, also this with the dissipation grid, that an Apple technician told us was a processor that controls the functions of the machine, someone else a chip from the Ethernet to a Gigabit. We could not personally test the speed of the machine (which was a 450 MHz), but at first sight with Photoshop it is really as fast as the Job monitors also showed the new monitors. The most original, although perhaps less technologically innovative, is the 17 CRT with Diamondtron tube. His style, at the same time retro and modern, makes it in our opinion another beautiful piece of industrial design. Likewise we would not say for the snow-colored Mac. Certainly it has a very "50s America" ??style and maybe it also makes "dive baths", but for the most crafty taste of Europeans it may not be the best. Very nice instead and always in our opinion, the Mac Indigo that has taken the place of the Blueberry and the Bondi Blue. Its intense shade makes it very suitable also for the current trend. Siege and Ruby, leafy green and ruby ??red, are just as nice. As soon as our first inspection of Apple stands, we will return later when we will also have other evaluation elements for new photo reports and a new round of questions to Apple technicians, we are almost overwhelmed by an immense crowd that is pouring into the pavilion. We do not have a boundless experience in Keynote and MacWorld Expo, but never before had we seen so much public the first day. Those predicting an all-time record for exposure could have been right.

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