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MACWORLD Diablo II already on sale

MACWORLD Diablo II already for sale

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NEW YORK The MacWorld Expo promises to be an important moment for games too. In the context of the exhibition, in fact, some new titles still being developed will be presented but also others that are now ready for distribution. Among these there will also be the highly anticipated Diablo II which is now finished and already on sale. Contrary to what some American Internet site writes that claims that the wait for the launch will still be a few days, in fact, Macity can say that the game of Blizzard already present on the shelves of US retailers. A copy of Diablo II already stored in our hotel room, purchased today at The WIZ on fifth street. The game is distributed with a full manual and three CDs. The first for the installation of resources, the second must be loaded to play and the third contains the cinematic scenes in 3D that are of a really exciting level for quality and editing. Who writes has tried Diablo on a PowerBook G3 / 400 series 2000 obtaining the impression with a good speed and a remarkable programming accuracy, as for all Blizzard games. The only detail that clashes the biblical install temps and the very slow CD uploads. An important detail that allows us to hope for the ease of creating localized versions in the fact that all three CDs are hybrids: Win and MacOs. This could mean that if the Italian importer wants to create a Diablo II with dialogs and interface in Italian it could be a joke, since the PC version is already provided in our language.

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