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MACWORLD Apple's curiosities

MACWORLD Apple's curiosity

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For Jobs the new mouse must be the symbol of this MacWorld and difficult to blame him, very accurate in every detail, was studied by those who have already used optical mice, solving potential problems. First around the optical sensor we find a ring that can take three positions and serves to adjust the sensitivity of the click, in the first position a light touch is enough to get a click, in the last one you have to be very determined to get the same result. Secondly, we find two areas of the lateral surface integral with the base of the mouse; mistakenly many have thought that they were other buttons, instead they are two supports that allow you to click even when the mouse rests on soft surfaces such as blankets or sofas: in these occasions, in fact, trying to click would get the effect of making the mouse sink on the surface soft without getting results, vice versa with the side supports we will have a much firmer grip and we will be able to work even on very soft surfaces.Other neat aspect of the new machines are the touch buttons: a power symbol placed above the Cube will allow us, at the touch of the surface, to put the machine in stop, on the monitors we find the same buttons for the frontal controls, but with the further advantage that, since there is not a thick layer of polycarbonate, it is enough to bring the finger near without even touching its surface to see it come alive in an intense light. There is nothing to say, even in details these machines are absolutely cur atissime.

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