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MACWORLD All`Expo does not like to play

MACWORLD All`Expo does not like to play

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New YorkIt will also be the most important of MacWorlds in Apple's recent history, but at least as far as games are concerned, it is difficult to attribute the historical adjective to the event we are witnessing. The only really interesting signal was yesterday, when Ed Fries, the manager of Microsoft who manages the gaming sector, joined the Expo stage. The manager-boy (at a guess he will be no more than twenty-four) has announced full support for the Mac platform. For the rest, little or nothing. The stands of the companies that deal with gaming titles can be counted on the tips of the fingers of one hand, there is not even the usual American championship of Mac games. A depressing panorama if you think about what emphasis Apple has always placed with the return of Jobs in this sector. To make matters worse all the fact that the 3D graphics cards that we heard about in the past months hang in the air but struggle to materialize as real products. The only exception to this rule comes from 3Dfx stubbornly committed to promoting its Voodoo 5 with a stand that has become the catalyst pole for those interested in games. In fact, not only are the products based on the new chips on the 3dfx stand, but also a series of titles being developed such as Rune and Oni (the latter only in non-interactive video, unfortunately) on which Gathering of Developers is working However, we did not see the representatives of Nvidia in ATI, who planned a press conference, which has mysteriously (but not too much, seen what happened yesterday) canceled. As if this were not enough yesterday at the stand of the Canadian producer they told us that the Radeon card that was to be one of the protagonists of the show had not arrived: "tomorrow may be here, may be …", "tomorrow could be, maybe …", ATI's strange decision that advertises the product with announcements and banners and then brings it only to the second day. But perhaps a certain guy in jeans seen yesterday agitating on the stage of the keynote and the most ominous of the PR's recent history releases have something to do with this. The only significant event, if we exclude the fact that the Aspyr stands are being sold in preview and in promotion Deus Ex and The Sims and that the English Feral has announced some games of which we will tell in a next article, remains the apparition, already cited, on the stage of Ed Fries of Microsoft. The manager announced a joint venture between Apple and Microsoft for porting games from the Redmond company to MacOs. Leading this new reality will be Peter Tamte, already Game Evangelist of Apple itself and the goal will be to convert all Microsoft games to MacOs. The news, we were saying, is important because the presence of Microsoft in the playful sector is very heavy for visibility and products. Just think of the success of Links Pro, Flight Simulator, and Ages of Empire II. In this regard, the hope is that Microsoft will also decide to bring some of its hardware products such as Force Feedback joysticks or gamepads to Mac. In this context, Alexander Seropian took the stage to announce that Halo will also be brought for Mac. Certainly it cannot be said that the founder of Bungie had a particularly convinced air, it seemed more like a guy who happened to be there because someone had sent him to tell us what he had to do (and nearby the very young Fries with his arms he had the air of the principal …), but in any case at this point we can at least console ourselves with the fact that the most awaited title of the last few months will also arrive for Mac. When it remains to be seen, but we will not bet a penny on the fact that it could debut before the release and commercial exploitation for X-BOX.

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