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MacityNet interviews Enzo Biagini

The Engineer Enzo Biagini, Managing Director for our home country of the Apple a face known to fans of the platform, a little less known to those, and many, who have approached in recent times. via iChat in recent days, a few hours after the launch of the new iPods, for an exclusive interview.

In this face to face, Biagini talks about a bit of everything: from Apple's strategies in Italy, to the success of the new range, from the future of the platform to the enormous impact that the digital music of Apple, iPod and iTunes on everyone has had and is having in the whole world as in our country. An exclusive and in-depth look on the Mac by one of the protagonists of the scene.

MacityNet, for the first time, offers the entire interview in MP3 format to be able to listen to it on iPod or via iTunes, just download the 12 MB audio file (zipped) with the voice of Enzo Biagini and our interviewers.

The complete interview and the link to download the MP3 are on this Macitynet page