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iTunes sells nearly 1000 songs per minute

The rhythm of downloading songs on the iTunes Music Store continues to grow at incredible speed. Apple announced today that it has reached and exceeded 250 million songs purchased on the iTunes Music Store.

According to these data, Apple would have sold as many as 50 million songs in just over a month. The announcement of exceeding 200 million had indeed been released on December 16th. In practice, making some simple accounts, Cupertino sold 1.3 million songs a day, 54,000 per hour, 900 per minute, almost 480 million per year.

At the moment, as is known, Apple controls about 70% of legal downloads of music from the Internet while the closest competitor, Naspster, remains at a distance between 10% and 15% of the market according to some recent surveys.

"When we launched the iTunes Music Store we were hoping to sell a million songs in the first six months – now we're selling over a million every day, and we've already sold a quarter of a billion in everything," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "ITunes is leading the way into the digital music era and, along with iPod, it's changing the way millions of music lovers find and listen to their music."