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iTunes: less shared music

With the iTunes version 4.7.1 it becomes more restrictive to listen to the playlists of other users connected to the local network.

The novelty was introduced in a silent and undeclared manner with the version 4.7.1 of iTunes which, presented with the launch of iPod shuffle, seemed to include, in addition to the support of the new player, only minor adjustments.

As a result of the update, "playlist sharing" was revised in less liberal terms. For example, during the 24 hours it will no longer be possible after listening to digital music files residing on five different computers, try to listen to music from a sixth computer. In practice, if before it was possible to give one's music in streaming to five users simultaneously, now the limit of five "plays" from five different computers in a single day.

This occurs not only with protected AAC songs purchased on the iTunes Music Store but also with personal ones ripped to any standard (MP3, AAC, AIFF) from their own music CDs; even personal creations, maybe made by strumming with an electronic accordion or the recordings of the grandson who uses the flute at the birthday party.

In this way Apple equalizes the possibility of listening to songs purchased on the iTunes Music Store by listening to shared music, both functions stop at five Macs or PCs. Recall that initially you could burn 10 CDs with a specific playlist of music bought on iTMS, then 7 became the masterizations allowed on later versions of iTunes.

It is likely that Apple's decision is the result of constant talks that the company holds with music publishers who may have requested to apply limits to the music sharing system via iTunes. Not even to exclude that Apple, against which there is a strong pressure from record companies to increase the costs of some tracks, is trying to satisfy them on aspects less decisive from the point of view of the user.