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iPod recharges like a lighter

iPod recharges like a lighter logomacitynet1200wide 1

Recharge your iPod as you refill a lighter. This promises a new accessory created by the American Cellboost.

The device, in practice, a disposable battery pack that can be connected to iPod to restore immediately (in practice in a few minutes) the charge of the internal battery. Small in size and equipped with an accessory for the connection that makes it suitable, as well as an iPod for other pocket systems (such as the Gameboy advance, telephones, cameras), Cellboost able to operate multiple top-ups, the number depends on energy required for recharging before being thrown away.

Cellboost for iPod should be released before the summer. It should be noted that the American company has an official importer and distributor for Italy, it is a Master of Livorno.

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