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Install iOS emulator on Mac

If you were looking for a way to install ios emulatoron the Mac then this guide is just for you. In this article, in fact, we will explain how to install the second version of the famous emulator iPadian, the application that can perfectly emulate the entire iPad interface and launch iOS apps on Mac. Install a iOS emulator on Mac or PC a simple operation, read on to find out how to get the iOS apps on your Mac or PC.

What can an iPhone or iPad emulator do? There is no doubt that iOS devices have an excellent display, but do you mean any game that works on iOS to play on the big screen of a 27-inch iMac? It will all be another thing. Or open any app on your Mac. You can use it in many ways, all for the benefit of a greater user experience.

How to install iOS emulator on Mac

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but there is an emulator created just for iOS devices that works on the Mac and PC. This application is called iPadian and the one we present to you, the second version of the well-known iOS and Mac emulator for PC. It is an Open Source project that was born with the simple purpose of reproducing the iPad user interface containing a series of the most popular iOS apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and many others. also present the App Store, containing a rich set of iOS apps, including the most common games, such as Angry Birds, Clash Of Clans and others.

Emulate iOS on Mac with iPadian

The latest version of iPadian can perfectly emulate the user interface of iOS 11 and can download it directly from the official site that you find at this address for the price of about 17.66 euros (20 dollars). It is possible, in order to download a previous version of iPadian in a totally free way, so as to be able to test the main functions and better evaluate whether or not to face the expense. You can download this version directly by clicking here.

To start the emulator you will need to install Adobe AIR. Without it, in fact, it will not be possible to run iPadian on your Mac. You can download the latest version of Adobe AIR directly from the official website by clicking on this address.

install ios emulator: ipadian

Emulate iOS on PC with iPadian

iPadian also available for Windows. Read on to find out how to install ios emulator on your PC. If you are looking for the version designed for the Microsoft operating system, we invite you to consult this other guide (here) where you can find various solutions on how to emulate iOS on Windows PCs, including, in fact, even iPadian.

If you are a fan of games, you can't miss this opportunity. With an emulator you can play console games on your Mac. To learn more, read this guide.

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