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In North Korea they created a tablet: it's called iPad

The tablet is clearly inspired by the Cupertino gadget, but there is no comparison between original and imitation

(Photo: Myohyang IT)(Photo: Myohyang IT)

North Korea is not particularly famous for being a technologically advanced nation, but the latest gadget produced by the state-owned company Myohyang IT destined to be talked about even abroad: it is an iPad built at home in the image and similarity of the original, which is not simply a tribute to the tablet designed by Apple in California: it's literally called iPad.

The tablet in question does not seem to be a completely new product, but a gadget that appeared on the North Korean market a few years ago under another name. The novelty lies in its recent return,renamed as the alternative note of the Cupertino house, a bizarre choice that Apple probably won't go down already.

Not that the Myohyang IT iPad can compete: equipped with a 8 inch display of diagonal, inside it hides a processor that works at the frequency of 1 GHz and a quantity of RAM on board of just 1 GB. They are dedicated to storage 8 GB of memory, while the battery should guarantee the tablet about 6 hours of autonomy. Unexciting specifications to which it is accompanied reads in the promotional material referring to the product a software park of "more than 40 apps".


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