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If the iPhone becomes a mouse and the iPad a PC with Windows

Tabi Mouse a brilliant and perhaps useless idea, an app that turns your smartphone into a mouse

(Photo: Tabitop)(Photo: Tabitop)

The assumption of having both iPhone and iPad, then everything downhill: just download the app Tabi Mouse and the smartphone turns into a mouse for the iPad, via Bluetooth. A solution that can be used only with the Tabitop app, which converts the tablet into a Windows PC. Thing?

Exactly: with $ 3.99 per month your iPad becomes a competitive computer (version 7 or 8) to all effects, thanks to an emulation carried out by a cloud system, which also offers 35 GB of space. In this way, the Cupertino tablet turns into a desktop or a laptop if necessary, which can be controlled either with gestures or with a mouse and keyboard.

As for the utility and practicality of the thing there is to be discussed, but the ICT world is beautiful because it is varied. Put that you are tired of post-PC products and you miss the old computer …


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