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How to watch TV with VLC in free HD streaming

watch TV with VLC streaming

Are you working abroad and the Italian TV channels are not visible anywhere? Are you out of the office and have only your faithful PC with you? Don't worry, you can watch TV with VLC in streaming for free and at the highest quality by exploiting some IPTV self-updating lists. The only requirement is the presence of the open source media player on your PC or Mac (multi-platform VLC, so you can install it anywhere).

See TV with VLC

If you need to watch TV in streaming but official channels do not work, then our advice may be really useful. Find out how to continue reading.

Install VLC

The first step to take for watch TV with VLC install the VLC program on your PC. Follow the link below to download it for free.



Once installed, open it so that you can immediately become familiar with the program's interface. The application is also available for Android and iOS, so you can watch TV even when you use your smartphone or a TV Box. You can download the mobile version of VLC for your mobile device from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | VLC (Android)


Configure VLC for IPTV

After the installation you have to configure VLC to display the VLC lists correctly in a convenient separate window. Open VLC and go to the menu item View-> Hooked Ladder and remove the check mark.


Removing the check mark you can now display the ladder in a separate window, ideal for viewing TV channels neatly while viewing them. To open the playlist you can use two methods:

  • Use the menu item View-> Ladder
  • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + L

Both methods will allow you to get VLC as in the image below.


Now you are ready to watch TV on VLC for free with one of the lists below.

Other solutions

Alternatively, you can use 5KPlayer to watch IPTV streams. an all-in-one player compatible with Windows and Mac to stream and download music and videos. To play IPTV with 5KPlayer, open the IPTV list (as you do with and copy the station URL (the link ends with .avi, .htm, .m3u8, .mpd, etc.) and do click on "direct", Paste the URL in the empty space, then click"Reproduce" to watch.


IPTV working lists for VLC


Configured VLC you just have to open the right list with the Italian channels available on digital terrestrial. To finally watch TV on VLC, all you need to do is open VLC and press on the keyboard CTRL + N or open the menu item Media-> Open network stream.

Inside the camp "Enter a network URL?You can enter one of the following IPTV lists ready for TV on VLC:


Just choose one of these IPTV lists and, once the link has been copied to the window, click on Play.

You will immediately see all the channels appear in the playlist (if you don't see it, press now CTRL + L). Choose a channel to display in the playlist and start it by pressing twice with the mouse (double left click).


After a few seconds (in which the program will perform the buffering) you will be able to see the TV channels on VLC for free, in high definition and without geographical limits (they also work abroad).


You don't even have to worry about recovering new links, as these IPTV lists are automatically updated by the authors, so you just need to save this page and resume it if necessary to watch TV on VLC. If you have already used one of the lists indicated VLC will remember the last used list, so you just need to press CTRL + N to have immediate access to the list to see your favorite channels.

Some channels are not seen? Don't worry, as soon as the list is updated you will be able to review some channels that cannot be viewed, you just need to be patient (the time the authors find a new source from which to take the channels).