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How to watch TV series for free in Italian

free TV series

Not sure where to watch streaming TV series? Are you also a TV series fan and don't know how and where to watch them, especially for free and in Italian? Then you are in the right place to find out. We want to show you how to watch TV series for free in Italian without downloading on your computer the video file, but also on smartphones and tablets, to enjoy your favorite episodes wherever you are. We have talked about it in various articles of this topic, proving that it is very appreciated by the navigators of this site. Not easy to find TV series that you can watch for free, because, now, Pay TV and on-demand pay services have somehow monopolized the sector not only of movies but also of the best TV series.

Where to see free TV series in Italian broadcast by Italian broadcasters

We are aware that finding ways to watch free TV series in Italian is a difficult job, but we have also gone in search of the best sites for TV series that meet the needs of many fans. On these sites you can watch TV series in free streaming without registration.



Let's start with the first free service where we can watch TV series in Italian, and really Rai Play, the RAI mother's on-demand service. The Italian broadcaster provides an excellent service, consisting of the website and mobile apps, which allow you to watch TV series for free in Italian wherever you are. If you have missed a few episodes of the famous television series, you will be able to see them again whenever you want, even when on the move via the apps on your smartphone or tablet. You can take advantage of Rai Play both via the website, but also on iOS and Android devices through the relevant app. If you also have a Smart TV, then you can install the relevant app on it to activate the services of Rai Play even on your home TV. If you log on Rai Play, you can find all the TV series that have been broadcast on RAI channels in recent years. You will access a large archive containing films, fiction, documentaries and television broadcasts broadcast on all RAI channels. In addition to the deferred view, you can also watch the live streaming of the current Rai channel schedules.


mediaset tv series

Even the television network Mediaset proposes a platform very similar to that of Rai. On the official website in the on demand section you can review the TV series, Fiction, films and all the programs that have been broadcast on Mediaset channels at any time. Just register for free to access the entire catalog. As for RAI, Mediaset has also made available to users free apps for iOS and Android devices, to be able to watch free TV series in Italian even on mobile and tablet smartphones. You can find TV series broadcast on the channels of Italia 1 , Canale 5, Rete 4, La5, Italia2, Mediaset Extra, Iris. Just search through All programs which you will find in the section On Demand the TV series in alphabetical order or through the search box.


paramount tv series

I also recommend the free on demand service offered by Paramount, the TV channel where you can watch movies and TV series. On this platform it is not necessary to register, you will find all the video content by going to the Paramount channel site in the section Video. The well-stocked catalog and you can enjoy the best TV series in Italian at any time. The contents are always up to date and you can find TV series like "Modern Family", Fear the Walking Dead, Sex and the City and The Librarian, "Relic Hunter" .


VVVVID tv series

Even the platform VVVVID an excellent video container that offers a vast catalog of TV series. This too is a completely free service and offers TV series, films and anime whose rights have not been purchased to be shown in the cinema or on TV. If you are a TV series lover, you will find a catalog with many non-commercial series that, without this useful service, you may never know. The contents of VVVVID can be viewed both via the website (with free registration), and on smartphones and tablets by downloading the apps for iOS and Android. It is among the best free on demand services, where you can find numerous TV series like The Lost Room, Little Britain, Shameless, The Office, Life on Mars, Ascension.

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There are many streaming websites, but we have selected the best ones. Do you know other services? Let us know through the comments.

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