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How to set Gmail default text style

edit standard Gmail text

You can write a standard email, or you can write a personalized email choosing the preferred font, the favorite color, the preferred size. Write an email also a style choice, especially for those who use e-mail for work, to contact clients, or simply to relate to other people. Set Gmail default text style it helps in work and in private life, personalizing the sending of an email.

Creating a personalized email also shows who we are, our tastes, our personality. Exaggerated? I don't think, but still better to receive an elegant and creative email than a standard and anonymous one. For this reason, my search to make unique what I do, I want to share it with you, explaining in this guide how to customize the text style, color and insert a default signature at the end of a Gmail email.

Set Gmail default text style

Setting default text style Gmail allows new settings (font, font size, color …) to automatically apply to all new messages created in Gmail. Let's see how to proceed, but the first thing to do is to create, if you have not already done so, a Gmail account and an email address. Then follow the procedures listed below.

  • Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the gearwheel icon> Settings:
Gmail default text
  • Go to the section General> Default text style and configure the settings:

Change the default font

Gmail default font

Change the default font size

Gmail font size

Change the default text color

Text color
  • If you don't like the formatting of the newly set text, you can delete it by clicking on the button like in the figure below.
font formatting
  • Once the text has been formatted, the email can now be completed by setting a signature to be inserted at the end of each email automatically. Just select "Signature" and enter a text or image.
Gmail signature

These are the instructions to set Gmail's default text style through which you can customize your emails, and through changes to the various features you can create the email that is closest to your creative needs.