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How to see devices connected to the WiFi router

noviembre 25, 2019

see devices connected to the router

Do you have any doubt that someone is using your WiFi connection without your knowledge? Do you notice that your internet connection is slower than usual and you want to find out if there is a WiFi bumper in the vicinity? Well, if you want to find out how to see devices connected to the wireless network, you've come to the right place! In this article we will explain how to find out who connects to the WiFi network in an abusive way, stealing our internet connection. If this happens, this is a problem, because, in addition to slowing down the WiFi network, it can also access your personal data.

Here's how to see devices connected to the WiFi router

There are several ways you can find out if someone is "cracking" your internet connection via WiFi. You can discover it, in fact, either through your home computer, or through your Smartphone, whether it's Android or Apple.

Find out if someone steals your WiFi connection via computer

Without any doubt the fastest and most immediate method to find out if someone is actually using your WiFi connection without your knowledge to connect to the IP address of your modem / router.

To do this, open any web browser you have installed on your computer and type directly in the address bar, the IP address of the modem you use to connect to the internet. If you don't know your IP you can easily find out by reading the label applied on the your modem. Generally, however, the IP address should be or

You may be asked for your router password and username. If you have not changed them they will be the same as those specified in the modem instruction manual. Once you have correctly entered your IP address, pressing enter will access the control page of your modem. At this point you will need to locate the "WiFi Network" or "Devices", "Connected Devices" (depending on the type of modem you use).

Once you enter the menu where all the devices connected to your modem are listed, all you need to do is carefully check the names of the devices and try to understand if there are any "intruders".

Alternatively, to find out who connects to the WiFi network, you can download some special applications that will allow you to find out if someone is using your internet connection. You can try with Wireless Network Watcher if you are a Windows user, or MacOSXHints if you have a MAC.

Wireless Network Watcher

Find out if someone steals your WiFi connection via Android smartphone

You can easily find out if someone is using the internet connection without your knowledge even using your Android smartphone.

All you have to do is download a totally free app that will allow you to discover the devices that are connected to your network.

The application in question is called Fing – Network Tools. Once downloaded and opened, you will find yourself in front of a white screen that will show the name of your WiFi network with the number of devices connected to the network and their relative IP addresses on the right.

You will also be able to rename your devices in order to more easily identify any intruder and you can also receive notifications when new devices connect to your network, so as to have everything always under control.

DOWNLOAD | Fing – Network Tools

Find out if someone steals your WiFi connection via iPhone

The Fing – Network Tools application also exists for iOS and works in much the same way as the Android one illustrated above.

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<p>If you are interested, you can download it for free from the App Store at the link below.</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> Fing – Network Tools</p>
<h3><span class=How to block unknown devices from WiFi

Once you've seen how to monitor wifi network to find out who connects to the router and found the intruder, we find out how to block it and not allow it to take advantage of our internet connection.

Here's how:

  1. On the computer connected to the modem, enter your IP address in the browser bar;
  2. On the home page of your modem go to the Settings menu and access the section Safety.
  3. Click on MAC Filtering and then on Add device.
  4. Enter the MAC address of the device you wish to block, assigning it a name of your choice and, if present, click on the Save / OK button or Confirmation.
  5. Then set a new password to your Wi-Fi connection.

The best thing, to keep your WiFi network constantly under control. If you don't know how to do it, I suggest you read the following guide, which shows, after identifying the intruder, how to block internet access to any device.