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How to resolve unknown IMEI Mediatek with SN Write

Often, after flashing a ROM to update the firmware with SP Flash Tool on MediaTek phones, we can lose our NVRAM and IMEI information. If the phone also detects an IMEI error, in this article we will show how solve IMEI unknown Mediatekwhen it appears in Phone info or when your SIM is not recognized due to IMEI code missing. The process is quite simple, just follow the procedure step by step and you will see that it will be easy and fast.

How to solve unknown Mediatek IMEI code

If you flashed a ROM and deleted the IMEI code, you have probably already installed the VCOM drivers, but if for some reason you have not yet installed the MTK MediaTek VCOM USB drivers on your computer, follow the procedure described below.

How to install the VCOM drivers

  1. Download the driver package
  2. Hold SHIFT while clicking RESTART in Windows
  3. Select Troubleshooting
  4. Click on Advanced options
  5. Click on Startup settings
  6. Click on Restart
  7. Click on "Turn off driver signing"

Now Windows is restarted.

  1. Double-click on DriverInstall.exe in the archive downloaded before.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. Restart.

Flash IMEI on your MTK phone

Download and open SN Writer

  1. Download SN Writer Tool
  2. Open the archive file with WinRAR or a similar program
  3. Extract the folder to a location where you can easily find it
  4. Switch to the extracted folder and double-click SN Writer.exe

Set the options

  1. The box ComPort must appear "VCOM"
  2. If you have a Chinese MTK phone, select "Smart Phone"
  3. Click on System Config
solve IMEI unknown Mediatek 1

Set the system configuration

  1. In the top left box, deselect all but "IMEI".
  2. In the next section, IMEI Option, select "IMEI CheckSum".
  3. If you have a dual SIM phone, select "Dual IMEI". If you want IMEIs to be different for each slot (normal), deselect "DualIMEI Same".
  4. In the lower right corner you will see MD1_DB. This is the Modem Database file. Go ahead and click on this box and go to the ROM for your phone.
  5. Search for a file with a long series of letters and numbers. You can find it in the ROM folder or in a subfolder within the ROM folder. Should start with "MD".
  6. Select the file AP_DB. This is similar to the MDDB file, but starts with "APDB"
  7. Click on "Save"
  8. Turn the phone off
solve IMEI unknown Mediatek 2

Start flashing IMEI

In the tool SN Write, click on "Start". A box will appear that requires your IMEIs

solve IMEI unknown Mediatek 3

Insert them in the boxes, or if you lost them, go ahead and generate the random ones and click "OK".

solve IMEI unknown Mediatek 4

Connect the phone via a USB cable and the process should begin. Some phones may require you to hold down the key Volume Up before connecting to activate the VCOM drivers and start the flash procedure.

solve IMEI unknown Mediatek 5

This all. The steps to solve unknown Mediatek IMEIs seem many, but the procedure has been divided into many individual steps to make it easier to understand. Tell us your results in the comments below.

If you feel that this method does not solve your problem, then I suggest you also read this other guide.