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How to recover deleted files on the Mac

Have you accidentally deleted important files on your Mac? You could panic if those files were really important. In this case you put yourself in front of a computer to search the web for a valid solution to the problem. But among those found you don't know which one is the best and if it actually works. Don't despair, the solution exists, which means you can still recover your files. Read on to find out how to go about it recover deleted files on Mac.

How to recover deleted files on the Mac

When you delete a file from your Mac it doesn't fade into nothingness but continues to exist, albeit temporarily, on your computer. In fact, every time we delete a file, the portion of the disk that hosted it is marked as "free". This will continue to exist until it is replaced by new data that will be written to that specific portion of the disk.

This means that if you do it in time you will be able to recover all your data deleted by mistake on the Mac resident on internal hard drives, external hard drives, SSD drives, USB drives or memory cards!

Great news, you will think, but how to do it? There are several applications to recover deleted files on the Mac. Here are the best ones out there.

Recover files with Disk Drill

It is one of the best data recovery software for macOS. It allows you to retrieve data of all kinds from any peripheral device, both internal and external (hard disk, SSD units, USB keys, SD memory cards and other units formatted in FAT, NTFS or HFS +).

recover deleted files on Mac disk drill

The application is very well made and very easy to use. Just press the "Start" button in the initial window, type in the password for your MacOS user account to start the program. After that, all you have to do is select the unit from which you want to recover the files and press on the button Recover placed next to the latter's name.

You will be able to download Disk Drill to this address. The paid application costs 79 euros, but you can download a trial version that allows you to find out which files can be recovered (showing a preview but not allowing you to export them). To learn more, I suggest you read our review of Disk Drill.

Recover files with Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

If you are looking for a free application, then Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is for you.

Very easy to use and extremely effective, it allows to recover files both from internal hard disk and from external peripherals.

To start, click on the button Fast Scan in the initial window and select the directory from which you want to recover the deleted files. Then press the button Start search and wait for the disk to be scanned.

This way you will see all the files you can recover. You can also sort the files based on the type by selecting the tab File Type from the left sidebar. To recover the files, all you have to do is put the check mark next to the names and click on the button Save Files.

You will be able to download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery free by clicking here.

Recover deleted files on Mac with PhotoRec

Alternatively, you can use this completely open source free application, which allows you to recover deleted files from hard drives, SD cards, USB sticks and SSD drives formatted in FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, HFS + etc. This software is suitable for photo recovery (as can easily be guessed from the name) and is supplied paired with another software called TestDisk. It allows you to recover lost partitions and make the disks that are no longer bootable.

recover deleted files on Mac photorec

To recover the deleted files you will need to select the item "Sudo?Using the arrow keys on the keyboard and pressing Submit to confirm.

After that you will need to select theunit from which you want to retrieve data and indicate the partition on which you want to act. You can choose to scan only the space marked as free (Free) or if you check in depth the whole unit (whole).

Finally, select the destination folder in which to copy the recovered files, press the key C to confirm and wait for the data recovery to be completed.

You can download PhotoRec for free by clicking here.

Recover files with Wondershare Data Recovery

Another software to recover photos, videos, music and files from Hard Disk Wondershare Data Recovery. A software released for both Windows and Mac and allows you to recover lost or deleted files from your hard disk or SSD disks. The files that can be recovered with this software are many, and include for example, doc files, PDF, JPG, mp3, rar archives, zip and many others.

recover deleted files on Mac data recovery

If you want to try Wondershare Data Recovery, you can download a free trial version on the official website. The free version only allows you to scan your discs. To be able to recover deleted files on the Mac with Data Recovery you need to purchase a license. For an in-depth review of Data Recovery, you should read the article you find at the link below.