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How to protect folder with passwords on PC and Mac

It often happens to download or save on your computer with Windows or Linux system, photo, video or document files that we want to keep confidential and not make them accessible to others. Generally others, both in the office and in the family, use our own computer. Of methods for protect folder with password, but there are also different single files. What we offer in this article is a simple and free system that allows you to protect files with passwords or any folder on our PC.

The method to encrypt a simple folder. Just download a free application which we indicate below. This will allow you to put passwords in a folder or file to protect them. You will be able to select single files and folders to be encrypted with a simple click, in order to keep them away from prying eyes. If you are curious to find out how to make a file or folder inaccessible on your PC or Mac, read on. This article will help you discover how to encrypt a folder of files or individual files with any extension very easily.

How to protect folder with password on PC

  • First you need to download the free software to your computerAxCryptfor Windows or Linux in Italian from this link;
  • After installing it on your computer, before using it for the first time, you need to activate it by clicking on the menu Connect and you are asked to enter a valid email.protect folder with axcrypt password
  • Now you will need to verify it by taking the code that was sent to you in the email you specified. You will need to copy it to the "Verification Code" box as in the next image. You will also need to set a password that you will use to encrypt folders and files.protect folder with password code
  • Be careful not to forget your password, otherwise you will no longer be able to open encrypted files, as the next banner reminds us. So, be careful to write it down and put it in a safe place. The password is never saved on the company server and the connection is always encrypted.protect folder with password 1
  • The rest of the intuitive procedure, in fact, just go to the file or folder that you want to make inaccessible to others and click with the right mouse button. A new entry will appear in the drop-down menu. AxCrypt.
  • From the menu go to click on AxCryptand select the item "Encrypt ".

protect folder with password 2

  • At this point the system will ask you to enter the password chosen by us to encrypt the file. After entering it, press OK.

protect folder with password 3

  • At this point the file becomes inaccessible and you will notice it because it changes the icon and the extension as you can see in the image below.protect folder with password icon

AxCrypt it allows to protect folder with password using advanced encryption for free. This open source application integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decode, archive, send and work with individual files. It can also work in complement with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Live Mesh, SkyDrive to encrypt folders and files that you go to store in the cloud. When you subsequently open the file protected with a password, just enter the encrypted code that you will only know, and the file, of any format, will open regularly.

Furthermore, AxCrypt has a series of options that do not need to be configured, you can immediately use them to encrypt folders. Think about how it can be useful when you need to email a sensitive file that you want to protect from prying eyes. You can encrypt files to send them to other users via email or by any other means. Automatic decryption files are also supported, eliminating the need to install AxCrypt to decode them.

AxCrypt mobile

The mobile app for Android and iOS devices is also available. The mobile version is an app that lets you view, open and read files and documents encrypted with the desktop application.

Mobile apps allowing the opening and viewing of encrypted files on the desktop but do not have the ability to encrypt or update encrypted files. Thus, AxCrypt with manages to protect folder with mobile passwords, but you can only read encrypted files from desktop.

Apps are available free for Android and iOS, which means they can be used on virtually any Android phone or tablet, as well as on iPhones and iPads.

There are different solutions to protect folders with passwords. In this guide you will find a procedure to encrypt files and folders on your Mac.

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