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How to messaging with WhatsApp Web on PC

Needless to introduce youWhatsapp, the most famous messaging app in the world. Although it is only possible to install it on smartphones like iPhone, Android smartphone and others, there is a way to respond to WhatsApp messages on your contacts' PC. This is possible using the function WhatsApp Web on Pc that the developers have implemented to extend the functionality of the original mobile app even on the desktop.

If you've never used it WhatsApp Web but you would like to be able to use WhatsApp on a Windows PC, in this guide I will show you two simple ways to do it. The first uses a browser to work, the second instead a WhatsApp desktop app that you can install on your Windows PC.

WhatsApp on PC 1

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC


  • Whatsapp installed and configured on your smartphone (these methods work with any smartphone model).
  • A PC Windows (this guide is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).

Before proceeding, make sure that your Windows PC and your smartphone are connected to the internet (they do not need to be connected to the same network).

  • The first thing you need to do is connect to the siteweb.whatsapp.comthrough your favorite browser. My advice is to use Google Chrome because what works best with this service.
  • A page will appear with a QR code very similar to the one in the image below.

whatsapp web

  • On your smartphone open WhatsApp and go to the settings.
  • Among the different items of the present menuWhatsApp Web. Click on it and then selectScan the QR code.

WhatsApp on PC 3

  • A new screen will open through which you will have to scan the code present in the web page on the PC. Move the camera closer to the PC screen and frame the QR code.

WhatsApp on PC 4A vibration of the smartphone will confirm the correct execution of the procedure and on the PC you will see your WhatsApp conversations, with the possibility of being able to reply to an existing conversation or start a new one.

If you use a browser like Google Chrome, you will also receive a notification when a new message arrives. At this point all that remains is to add the WhatsApp Web site to your favorites and access it every time you want to reply to a WhatsApp message from your PC.

How to use WhatsApp suPC through an app

It may be inconvenient to use WhatsApp Web on a PC via the browser. For example, if you are viewing many web pages and you have many active tabs, you may have difficulty finding the WhatsApp form. For this reason I want to recommend a free WhatsApp app to be installed via Google Chrome, which you can use like any other native app installed on your Windows PC.

  • Before proceeding with the installation of the app, make sure you have installed Google Chrome on the PC. If not, you can download it for free via this link.
  • Start Google Chrome and, if you haven't done so already, log in with your Google account.
  • Now, at the top left, select the buttonAppand, on the page it will openWeb Store.
  • In the search field on the left, enterWhatsChrome and press enter.
  • A list of apps will appear on the right. Search forWhatsChrome and click onadd. For WhatsApp download for Chrome, you can also click directly on this link.

WhatsApp Web on PC 5

  • Wait a few seconds for the app to finish, after which you will see a new icon appear in the bottom bar of Windows.

WhatsApp Web on PC 6

  • By opening the app, you can start configuring WhatsApp Web exactly as shown in the previous paragraph where I showed you how to configure WhatsApp Web from a browser. The only thing that will change is that in this case you can use WhatsApp as if it were a real application installed on your PC.

At this point, if you have configured everything correctly, you can start using WhatsApp on a Windows PC. Of the two methods I showed you, I prefer to use the appWhatsChromebecause it allows me to keep the searches I make on the internet separate from Whatsapp conversations.

Which method do you prefer to use to use WhatsApp on a PC? Let us know through the comments at the end of the article. If you need further clarifications do not hesitate to contact us.

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