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How to install TWRP and root permissions on Ulefone Power 3

You own a Ulefone Power 3 and do you want to enter the world of modding to customize it according to your needs? As you know, Android devices allow you to log in to the root and make some changes to improve its power and functionality. In this guide, I'll show you how to unlock the bootloader, install the famous custom recovery TWRP and get i root permissions. If you are also interested in improving the features of this device, then continue reading the guide forinstall TWRP and root permissions on Ulefone Power 3.

How to install TWRP and root permissions on Ulefone Power 3

Thanks to this guide, you can install Custom Rom, Mod and packages you want on your Ulefone Power 3. In fact, below you will learn how to install TWRP Recovery, which is fundamental for many modding procedures. Given that Ulefone sells its smartphones withbootloader blocked,before installing the recovery it will be necessary to follow the relative release procedure. Here's how.

Before starting:

  • Make sure the batteryof your Ulefone Power 3 is at least 50%.
  • Backup your data


First thing you will have to enable developer options.

  • Go to settings and then to "About phone";
  • Step 7 on build number to enable the "developer options";
  • Go to settings, then to developer options and select "USB debugging";
  • Finally go into settings, developer options and enable the "OEM unlock"

At this point, you will have enabled the developer options and will be able to proceed to unlocking the bootloader and to the TWRP recovery installation.

  • Download and install the files adb.exe is fastboot.exe that you find in this zip folder;
  • Download the TWRP;
  • Rename the filerecovery-power-3.img in recovery.img;
  • Copy the recovery.img file to the folder ADB-fastboot-tool-2016 previously downloaded and containing the files adb.exe is fastboot.exe;
  • Open the Command Prompt on the PC and go to the directory of the folderADB-fastboot-tool-2016
  • Connect your Ulefone Power 3 to the PC
  • Type the following commands in the Command Prompt
adb reboot bootloader

(with this command the siriavvier device in fastboot mode)

fastboot oem unlock

(this command will unlock the Bootloader)

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

(this command will install the TWRP recovery)

fastboot reboot

(this command will restart the device)

Obtain ROOT permissions on Ulefone Power 3

  1. Download and copy the .zip file of the SuperSu into the phone;
  2. Switch off the phone and start it in recovery mode by pressing the power button + volume button gi;
  3. If requested, give permission to make changes (Allow modifications);
  4. From the men install select the saved and copied .zip file
  5. swipe to confirm and restart the phone

Upon rebooting you will have root permissions on your Ulefone Power 3

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