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How to follow hashtag on Instagram

In this guide we will show you how to follow the hashtag on Instagram. If you have some favorite topics or hashtags that you are constantly looking for on social media, you will be happy to know that you can now follow them. This way, your important topics or trendy hashtags will be displayed directly on your Instagram feed, without looking for them all the time.

In December, Instagram made this feature official. Offer users new ways to discover photos, videos, people or other trending topics a feature that makes many happy. If you are constantly looking for the best Instagram hashtags to follow the latest news, or simply be updated on your favorite team, this feature makes it easier than ever.

During 2017, Instagram added many new features to its social network. Hide photos or videos in an archive, save live video and now follow the hashtags. If you are interested in this feature, I can confirm that basically a simple procedure like following a friend or any other account.

How to follow hashtag on Instagram

If you're interested in following a hashtag on Instagram, it's actually a really simple process. Search, find and click on the big blue "Follow" button that you find at the top just like anything else on Instagram. That being said, if you are new to this social sharing service, here is a more detailed guide.


  • Open Instagram on your phone or tablet. If you still don't have it on your device, you can download the app on iOS or Android.
  • Touch the search button with the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Type "#"And the word / topic you want to follow, in this case we have typed #Apple.hashtag on Instagram
  • Press the "buttonSearch for"Or search in the list that appears to find your hashtag topic.
  • Click on the big blue button "follow"Which you find in the upper center.hashtag on Instagram follow

This is all you need to do. Now, press Home and return to your normal Instagram feed with all your friends, family or people you follow. Next, scroll down from the top of the page to update the feed. You will immediately see the result of your Instagram hashtag you are following.

hashtag on Instagram hashtag

Alternatively, you can also select any hashtag that you find in a post or comment to view the hashtag. Now click on the same blue button "follow"Which you find above.

In addition, each hashtag page also shows related content or similar tags, so it's easy to find and follow a group in seconds. Be careful, because in this way, if you follow very popular topics, you will quickly overload your timeline.

Finally, this feature will allow you to follow any topic using hashtags instead of a single person or page on Instagram. As a result, you will have much more content to browse. It allows people to discover more photos, videos, people, places and anything else you've ever found on Instagram.

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