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How to evaluate a property for free

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<p>You do not need to be a technician to evaluate the price of your home or business premises. You may not know it but there is a free online service accessible to everyone, offered by<strong>Revenue Agency</strong>. This service allows you to evaluate a building for free by determining the price per square meter of a building located in any Italian location. This service will save you the costs of a technical survey if the purpose is only to know the commercial price of your property.</p>
<h2><span class=How to evaluate a property for free

To determine the price of the property a very easy procedure, because a simple search engine that highlights the average prices of properties for each municipality and city of Italy, so it can be used for every property on the Italian territory. It is a very useful service for those who have to buy or sell a house, and through this database you will be informed about updated market values. To start the consultation, go to the official page of the Revenue Agency for this link and follow these simple directions.

evaluate a property
  • select the province, the municipality, the urban area (central or peripheral);
  • the type of destination (residential, commercial, tertiary or productive);
  • enter the security code;
  • a card will be displayed where it will be indicated depending on the type and state of preservation of the building, the minimum and maximum value in / square meters for sales, and the rental value in / m2 per month.
property search

Example of a search

Below we will make a small example of a search to determine the commercial price of a property located in Sicily.




  • Area code: B1
  • Cadastral Microzone No .: 1
  • Main type: Economic housing
  • Destination: Residential

From the table we have the evaluation data

  • Type: Economic housing
  • Conservation status: NORMAL
  • Market value Min and Max: 450; 580 / sqm
  • Surface (L / N): L (gross area)
  • Location values ??Min and Max: 1.8; 2.6 / sqm x month
  • Surface (L / N): L (gross area)

As you could see, a very simple procedure to evaluate for free a property located on the Italian territory.