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How to create videos and presentations online

Have you ever had to present a topic (perhaps very boring) in front of your colleagues or your classmates? I bet many of them talked about their business, and how to pity them … the subject you had to present was boring! However I don't think there can be an excuse, you probably just expose your topic without creativity, without first trying to think about how to present it by attracting the attention of the public. In this case it would be very useful to know howcreate videos and presentations to be able to fascinate your audience.

If, reflecting a bit, you noticed that the situation presented so far reflects several of your meetings, lessons or presentations, do not despair … if you continue reading you will find a free online tool that will allow you to revolutionize your presentations and with this program forcreatefree slideshow in Italian you can hit your audience. I also talked about Prezi, a site that allows you to create presentations characterized by a much greater visual impact than those created with PowerPoint (if you want to read the article click here: Prezi), now I'll talk to you instead PowToon, a free tool that will allow you to create videos and presentations in just a few minutes and that will certainly attract the attention of your audience, who wonder how you managed to create certain effects, sometimes diverting attention from the annoyingness of the topic that you are presenting.

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PowToon a free tool forcreate online slideshows and videosthat you can use in your business or as a hobby, by going to this link: PowToon. To introduce you to the site I am introducing you I have inserted the official video presentation:

The guide to create videos and presentations online

Well, now that you have a little understanding of what this tool is capable of, I start with the description of creating videos and presentations with this interesting tool. Obviously to use it, registration is required, which can be done after clicking onStart Now. A screen will then open where you have to enter your generalities, then click on SIGN ME UP.You will then start a tutorial in which you are presented with the basic functions, very useful. At the end of the tutorial you can choose whether to create a new presentation from scratch (START A NEW POWTOON) or customize a template provided by the site itself (CUSTOMIZE ONE OF our many awesome templates). First time I suggest you choose the second option.

Once you have chosen the template best suited to your needs, you are ready to adapt it to the issues you need to deal with by clicking on Edit. Then follow the instructions provided by the site and customize the slides as you prefer, observing how they are made by clicking on Play (preview).

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Once the editing phase is over, it's time to prepare to present it. PowToon offers the possibility, even if you do not register with a premium account, to upload your PowToon presentations toYoutube. In my opinion this is the fastest way to make your presentation / video portable and visible on any device and in any occasion. To upload the video on Youtube you will obviously need a Google account.

I hope that this free tool to create online presentations will be useful to you, if you have any doubts or suggestions, don't hesitate to comment!