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How to create free online videos with FlexClip

create videos online

It often happens that you have to create videos on the occasion of some events in the family, between friends or at work and to achieve them we go in search of programs to make free videos that allows us to edit a short film with writings and music. If you also have this need, you are in the right place, because I want to introduce you FlexClip Video Maker, a web service completely free supplied by "Pearl Mountain Technology Inc.", Which allows you to create videos online, perform basic changes such as entering a title, watermark, text and background music without downloading any program to your computer.

Create free online videos with FlexClip

FlexClip a video maker simple to use, powerful and flexible, which helps you create videos with images and video clips for any of your needs in just a few minutes: for marketing or family stories.

In order to start using the free service of FlexClip necessary first create an account, entering your email and a password of your choice.

After logging in, click "Create new?To start a new project.

new project

The working screen is the same as for a normal video editing application. In the left pane you can select the text as titles to be added to the video, select BGM, etc. In the central pane, you can edit and view the preview of the video. In the lower pane, you can add video clips and images to the storyboard.

flexclip work screen

Add text to a video

To add "Text", Click on any preset text style. In "Logo"You can use any image file as a logo. Double-clicking on the added text opens the edit screen so you can change the font, color, size, character alignment, position and more.

Add watermark to a video

To set a watermark in a video, click "Watermark"And specifies the image to be used. then it is possible to change the opacity and the position of it.

Add music to a video

When using BGM, click "Upload my music"Which you find under the panel"MUSIC?And loads the audio files to be used such as MP3, AAC, Wave and so on.

Set the proportions

The aspect ratio of the video to be created set to "16: 9"By default, but can also be changed to"1: 1"In the box"SETTING"Or on the smartphone 9:16 image.

create videos online

Zoom setting

You can adjust the video resizing with the "Zoom" up. By clicking on "Apply to all storyboards"The zoom setting will be applied to all the contents added to the storyboard in the lower pane.

Export video

At the end of the movie, click on "EXPORT VIDEO?To view it. You can specify the resolution of the video to be exported: Full HD "1080p", HD "720p" or SD "480p". The project created is saved automatically but you can continue to edit it at any time if you select "My projects?After logging in.


FlexClip a web application that allows you to create online videos from images, video clips is music. Through this tool, the creation of videos takes place in a very simple way and it is not necessary to have technical knowledge for the final production of them. Videos created in FlexClip can also be shared via e-mail or published directly on various social networks.