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How to convert DVD to iPad format

Do you have a DVD collection and want to see them on iPad or iPhone? If you want to always have it within reach iPad your collection of DVD movies to be able to see them in mobility, what you need is a great software that allows you to convert your DVDs into a readable format with Apple mobile devices. This very simple method converts the movie you have on DVD into an mp4 file that you can read on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, we will also see how to transfer it from the computer to iPad. Convert DVD to iPad format the purpose of this guide, read on to discover the process that allows you to convert video for iPad.

The software available for Windows and Mac PCs is calledHandBrake, which you can download for free on your computer. The process that allows you to convert video for iPad very easy and with a few steps you will have your movies directly on the tablet. Naturally, your computer must be equipped with a reader in which to insert the DVD with the film and have it read by the software. This will convert the video to readable format on iPad. Now let's see the procedure for converting DVDs to the iPad format.

How to convert DVD to iPad format

Before running this guide to convert movies for iPad, make sure you have the following application on your Windows or Mac PC:

Download | iTunes

1. First you need to download a software on your Mac or PC that allows you to convert DVDs to mp4, that is, in a format compatible with iPad and iPhone. The best software and even free Handbrake.

convert DVD to iPad format

2. Insert the DVD into the computer's drive. Make sure that the film does not start automatically, if this happens, close the window and all open applications.

3. At this point you have to open Handbrake and choose an optimized profile for your device, in this case choose iPad. convert DVD to iPad 1 formatHandbrake can process the most common media files and any DVD or BluRay source that does not contain any copy protection. Now select the DVD you previously inserted into the player and select the video output settings. If a window appears asking you to download a program called libdvdcss.pkg, start the download quietly.convert DVD to iPad 2 format

4. Now Handbrake has to scan the film and we have to indicate where we want to save it. To do this click on Start to start scanning and wait for the conclusion of the procedure, which depends on the speed of the processor.

5. After scanning, you need to transfer the movie to iTunes. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and move the movie from its position in the section "Library" of iTunes.
  • The movie will be imported into the iTunes Library, in the folder "Movie".

6. At this point you need to sync the movie on the iPad.

  • Connect the iPad to your Mac or PC with the appropriate cable.
  • In Toolbar select the iPad and then selectMovie at the top of the iTunes window and click on the checkbox Sync Movies. Check the box Automatically synchronize all movies is not checked.
  • Click on the box beside the title of the movie and on apply, bottom right.

7. Now you can open the "Video" app on the iPad where you will find the film in the Library, which you can now watch whenever and wherever you want.

Do you want to convert copy protected DVDs? Handbrake cannot copy protected videos. This means that you need different software to copy the DVD movie content to your hard drive (and remove copy protection).