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How to add GIFs to Instagram Stories

Instagram has introduced a new feature. You will now be able to add GIF stickers to your stories on Instagram. This is a feature that has been talked about for months, but in the end the company owned by Facebook has confirmed the promise. The most famous app for photo and video sharing, has partnered with GIPHY to allow users to take advantage of the huge GIF collection when creating their own stories on Instagram. There is no doubt that since its inception, Stories has pushed Instagram to the maximum notoriety and with this new small integration that allows you to add GIFs to Instagram Stories, it will get even better.

You can add artistic words, sparkles, hats, sunglasses or other accessories to your story, which can be overlaid on photos, videos or on Boomerang. The new GIF feature can be found next to other sticker options in the app.

The latest update also includes a hidden gem. Unlike before, where Instagram users were forced to crop photos to include them in their stories, the company had anticipated that "in the coming weeks, you will also implement the possibility of uploading photos and videos of any size in your story – so you won't have to lose part of a photo or cut a friend from a group video".

This new feature also came on your Instagram app. If you don't find it, update the app for iOS and Android. Well, let's see now the procedure that allows us to add GIFs to Instagram Stories. The GIFs, as you know, are moving images, which allow you to create nice photos to send to friends.

How to add GIFs to Instagram Stories

  • First, capture a photo or video in Instagram Stories. To do this, swipe right from the main screen or simply touch the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • When the photo or video is ready, tap the smiley icon that appears in the upper right corner.GIF in Instagram Stories
  • As in the previous image, the icon of the stickers was placed at the top right of the screen (the first on the list next to thepenciland adaa).
  • In the list that appears (include, locations, ranks, time, hashtags, icons and more) you will find a new button GIF that will allow you to add animated stickers to your photos or videos. With this feature, evoil, you can resize and insert the GIF where you want it.

GIF in Instagram Stories 2

  • If you don't like what you see, you can also search for more specific GIFs from the huge collection that GIPHY makes available. To do this, simply type in what you want in the search bar at the top – be it accessories, effects, peekers, emojis or word art – and after finding it, enter it in the photo or video.

You can browse what is currently popular on GIPHY or search the library for a sticker for any occasion on Instagram. GIFs include bouncing letters, fluttering hearts, GIFs based on Simpson characters, dancing cats, slices of pizza, etc. Users can search for GIFs by typing 'Accessories', which will show sunglasses, hats, eyes, lips, ears, etc. shows sparks, fire, confetti, glitter, explosion, etc. There is also the possibility of typing "Peekers" in the Instagram GIF search option, which will show the stickers that appear and disappear. Word Art and Emoji stickers are also part of the Instagram library. Now it's really fun.

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