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Hook'd, the musical selfies are coming

a karaoke video app that allows you to register, socialize and improve your musical performances

Hook'd. Remember this name, because it risks being the next phenomenon of the social pop. You will risk hearing him named by teenagers – and not only – maybe Italianising it (Come on, Hookdamelo) when it will arrive in Italy. It also risks being a new form of income for the record companies.

Hook'd an app that was launched on July 10th for iOS (iPhone and iPad), only in States for the moment, and already a small great success. In practice it takes two great pop phenomena of the last decades on karaoke and the selfies mix them together and serve it all in sauce company.

There app d the possibility of to sing a piece of his favorite song, on an original basis, reading the text on the smartphone and at the same time recording his own face during vocal performance. Karaoke app with video, therefore. Obviously from to share: with a simple click you can upload the video on the Hook?d YouTube channel and share it on all social networks.

Not all for.

Hook'd incorporates in itself a technology called ImproVox, introduced in 2010 to help the less able singers in the recording of their songs, and that processes the digital signal in real time correcting any off-key notes, in addition to having other audio effects to edit your voice before sharing the recording with your friends.

The app Free and gives the possibility of recording the 30 seconds of the refrain of the majority of the songs; to be able instead to have access to the entire database of whole tracks, the subscription $ 3.99 per month. The types of MuseAmi, the company that developed the app, negotiated with the three major majors Warner Music Group, Sony is Universal Music which, in addition to the musical backing tracks, also provide the entire song (streaming only) even with the original vocals. With the recording market packed and the download in decline, even these apps can represent a small breath of oxygen for the major record companies.

As can be seen from the profile YouTube the app 15 days after its launch is having success and has already earned an article by James Barron on New York Times that the term was invented for the occasion music selfies.

There are still no certain dates on the release of the app also on the Italian market, but having an American subscription to iTunes you can already download the app.


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