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Hinge, the app to fall in love

The app designed to meet the people your friends could introduce you gets an important $ 4.5 million loan

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Hinge, an online dating application, has just received a grant of around 3.3 million euros – 4.5 million dollars – from an investor group consisting mainly of Founders Found and Lowercase Capital. At a time whenonline dating is no longer a tab, also thanks to the spread of applications likeTinder, the interest in these types of mechanisms that allow people to meet and – consequently –investments in this particular segment of the digital sector are growing.

It is important to underline how Hinge introduces a novelty that, moreover, determines the radical difference from Tinder: the application, in fact, transparent and the interactions take place in a totally non-anonymous form. Once you have identified an interesting potential user, you can also ask friends in common what they think of him / her.

Hinge unapp designed specifically for deepen friendships and relationships in some way related to the pre-existing social circle, a new way to meet the people that your best friends always wanted to present to you but who, perhaps due to lack of time or opportunities, have not yet presented you.

Currently the app is not yet available in Italy, but only in some American cities. When you come here, tell the truth, will you use it?


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