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Google Maps wants to compete with Foursquare

With the new Explore feature, Big G sets off to discover the places around you

Are you on vacation and want to know where the locals go? Are you waiting for the train and are you wondering when it will arrive? From this week, you can speed up your searches and explore the world with the Google Maps app for Android and periOS.

Such as? Simply by clicking the new Explore button located in the lower right corner of the interface, to take a quick look at places of interest close to you. But more, you can decide how far you want to explore, for example up to five or twenty minutes on foot to where you are located. And again, the results will be provided based on the time of day (or night), the context and time.

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You can basically worry no more about reaching a beautiful park recommended in the middle of a downpour or entering a bar for breakfast asking for an aperitif.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can get more information, such as restaurant reviews, or save a place for later.

And now go and explore all of them.


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