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Google Lens on iPhone: what it is and how it works

Google Lens, the system that automatically recognizes objects in photos, finally available on iOS operating systems. The Mountain View giant has decided to implement this interesting tool in the latest version of the "Google Photos" application. You don't know what and how to use it Continue reading to find out how to get Google Lens on iPhone.

Google Lens on iPhone and iPad: the function that provides information from photos.

Google Lens on iPhone

Google has not forgotten Apple users and has begun to distribute the very interesting Google Lens function also on iOS. But how exactly and how does it work?

With Google Lens you can get more information on the photos you take with your phone. The system allows, thanks to the "AI", to extract information and details contained in the photos. For example, it is possible to save a mobile number and email addresses simply by taking a photo of a business card, obtaining information on places, plants, animals or paintings photographed with a smartphone, or even reading reviews of a book by photographing the cover directly. In short, a truly revolutionary system that could be very useful in many professional and non-professional sectors.

The function was implemented within the Google Photos app. To be able to use it, it is therefore necessary to install the latest version of the application of big G, namely version 3.15. The Google Photos app can be downloaded for free from the App Store at this link.

Once the Google Photos app has started, it will automatically back up all the photos stored on Google Drive associated with your account. If you don't want it to happen, uncheck the relevant option on the home screen that will be shown to you at the start. Even without this option, Google Lens will still work.

To activate the function, all you have to do is open the photo you want to analyze and click on the appropriate icon (the one in the shape of a square with a dot in the center and a smaller point in the lower left corner). Within a few seconds the card containing all the useful information on the photographed subject will be displayed on the screen. Depending on the photo, it will be possible to view its details or the information it contains, perform other operations.

We remember that the Google Lens distribution is still ongoing and therefore, despite having downloaded the latest version of Google Photos, the function may still not be available on all iOS devices. In the case still not available, all you have to do is wait for the next few weeks. Google Lens on iPhone may automatically appear at any moment.

Google Photos provides a number of interesting features, like this one that allows you to have unlimited free space for storing photos.

Even Amazon with Prime Photos allows you to store photos in the cloud from your iPhone. If you don't know how to do it, you can read this guide.