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Google Chrome: block annoying advertising from February 15th

Block advertising on Chrome that does not comply with the standards. The built-in Ladder blocker in Google Chrome will start running February 15, 2018.

The advertising block on Google Chrome will be introduced by February 15 for all. Annoying Ads will be natively blocked by Chrome. A few months ago, Google revealed that Chrome would stop displaying all non-compliant ads (including those owned or provided by Google) and now the company has specified a date. THEad-blocker integrated in Chrome will start running February 15, 2018.

Block Chrome advertising: now easy for everyone

It is interesting to note that the start date of the advertising block does not seem to be linked to a specific version of Chrome, since Chrome 64 is currently scheduled for January 23 and Chrome 65 will be launched on March 6, which suggests that Google will activate the lad-blocker remotely and, potentially, gradually for some selected users.

Delete the advertisement

This year Google has joined the Coalition for Better Ads, a group that offers specific standards on how the sector should improve consumer announcements: interstitials and full-page ads, unexpectedly sounding ads and ads. flashing lights are completely forbidden and will fall in the block of the advertisement.

The coalition has just presented the Better Ads Experience Program, which provides guidelines for companies using Better Ads standards to improve user experience with online ads.

Block advertising on Chrome: how to get visible again

In addition to the specific date, Google has also released information on how the sites affected by the blocking of advertisements of Chrome will be able to return to being visible in the browser:

Standard violations are reported to sites through report Ad and site owners can submit their site for a new review once the violations have been corrected. Starting from February 15th, in line with the Coalition guidelines, Chrome will remove all the ads of sites that have a negative status based on the Ad Experience report for more than 30 days, in other words activate the automatic advertising block on all Chrome browser. All this information is available in the Help Center for the Ad Experience report and product forums are available to answer any questions or feedback.

A guide to blocking ads on Chrome

chrone advertising block

From February 15th Chrome will block annoying advertisements

Like the sites, I can protect myself from blocking advertising

The instrument Ad Experience Report provides screenshots and videos of annoying use experiences in relation to advertisements to help sites find and resolve problems. For a complete list of ads to use, Google offers a guide on best practices.

How Google Chrome will block advertising

The simple Google strategy: use Chrome to cut advertising revenue from websites that publish low quality ads, as set by the standards mentioned above. In short, the blocking of advertising will serve to discourage economically those who create advertising that annoy them during the exploration of the site.

To be clear, a single ad that violates the standard is not sufficient for Google to consider a publisher "in error", said a Google spokesman, and Chrome adhere to the thresholds set by the coalition:

The assessment of the compliance of the participating companies carried out in relation to the Program will be based on measurable empirical thresholds that establish the frequency of visualization of advertising that does not comply with the standards. In the phase initial operation of the Program, the non-compliance threshold for websites will be measured based on the following percentages of page views evaluated:

7.5% in the first two months thereafter on the date of entry into force of the program

5% in the following four months

2.5% in the following months

A single violation could result in a warning from theAd Experience Report; if there are more unresolved violations, Chrome will block all ads on the site in question.

Ad blocking and adblocker

The hope that the advertising block embedded in Chrome may hinder the use of others ad blocker of third parties that block all announcements outright. Google has noticed in the past that ad blockers that do not distinguish the quality of advertisements damage the editors who create free content and threaten "the sustainability of the web ecosystem".

Despite the fact that Google earns most of its revenue from ads, the company sees its own selective ad-blocker like the natural evolution of anti pop-up blocks.