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Google Assistant is also coming on tablet

While the Italian release of Google's digital assistant officially begins, the Mountain View home prepares for its arrival on Android tablets

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

In the evolutionary timeline of Google Assistant There has always been an unclear aspect: after being introduced on Google Home and Google Pixel, and after arriving a few months later on smartphones of all brands, why was access to tablets not precluded? The answer remained shrouded in mystery so far, and who wanted at all costs the digital assistant on tablet had to resort to the root of the device, but it seems that soon all this does not matter anymore: inside the latest version of the app Google Search is in fact hidden clues as to whether Google Assistant is finally coming officially on tablet Android.

The Google search app that contains, among many other things, even the instructions that animate Google Assistant; for developers common practice start at prepare the ground within their apps for features coming a little early, especially in beta versions such as the one regarding sighting, but this approach brings observers and excitement to such advances. To say the whole implementation is not yet complete, and on the tablet the assistant still does not work; nothing serious for: the announcement from Google will arrive soon, just in time for the arrival of the assistant even in Italy, which began officially today. After all it was time: before arriving on the tablet, Google Assistant went around the smartwatch, smart speakers, TV and even thermostats.


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