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Google against fake news: sites of dubious origin are excluded

New move against false news: Mountain View's top management changes the rules of Google News by excluding sites that hide their origin.

New update of the guidelines to become part of the famous review of Google News: excluding all sites that hide or falsify their real origin.

Google News

Another strategic move by Google in the battle to the fake news: last weekend the rules to be included in the Google News aggregator have undergone a major revision. Although it is only a drop in the sea of ??war at the bufale, Google's intentions are clear to everyone, and its news service no longer intends to become a vehicle for the dissemination of false information and news.

The causes of the revision of the rules

Nowadays the phenomenon of fake news has taken on really worrying proportions: 56% of people in Italy victim of hoaxes, or fake information taken to be true by those who learn of it falling into the trap of false news. Lack of deepening of knowledge of facts or events happened, or ad hoc construction of the authors of false news, the fact is that so many are still too many to end up being deceived by the false information.

A striking example is the so-called Russiagate, or the scandal that saw the Kremlin as its protagonist and the last president elected in the United States of America. According to some, the communication agency "Internet Research Agency", in agreement with the Kremlin, has deliberately spread false news concerning current President Trump during the electoral campaign which ended with the selection of the same November 8, 2016, with the aim of influence voter vote.

In particular, it seems that the agency has created websites and social profiles pretending to be Americans, confusing voters who came into contact with them and making them believe that those published were true news.

Due to the investigation initiated by the FBI following the election of Trump, Google and other industry majors such as Facebook also had to account for widely disseminated false information, effectively representing some of the world's largest media.

The measures

To counter the propagation of misleading news, therefore, and to avoid running into similar problems again, Google has decided to modify the Google News guidelines, and consequently the requirements to become part of it. The general guidelines refer to sites that want to be included in the Google News review:

Avoid false statements about yourself or your purposes. Sites included in Google News should not misrepresent, misrepresent, or hide information about the principal property or purpose and should not engage in coordinated activities in order to deceive users. Included are, by way of example, sites that misrepresent or hide your country of origin and are aimed at users in another country based on false premises. "

In this way, they will naturally blocked sites that hide or falsify their origins, an attitude that allows Google to consider them unreliable and, therefore, to exclude them from Google News.