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Funny pictures: the best sites to look for them

Perhaps not a topic of primary importance, however with the development of social networks and the spread of messaging clients such as Whatsapp or Telegram, more and more people looking for "the fun image to send to a friend". I therefore thought of providing you with a list of 6 sites in which many are collected funny pictures but also stupid imagesto send to your friend and laugh about it. If you are also looking for a smile to share, you won't have to hope to find a nice image by scrolling through the Facebook home (as I'm sure you usually do). If you are looking for hilarious images, do not hesitate to continue reading, surely you will find the image you are looking for.

The funny stupid images you will find on these sites, you can use them to send them to friends and have a laugh together. So what are you waiting for, start to open the 6 best sites that they collect funny pictures but also stupid and at the same time likeable images, the ones that snatch a hint of a smile for a moment.

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The best funny image sites

On this site you will find lots of funny, funny and even stupid images. There are not only photos taken really, but there are also memes, images with writings and much more. In short, you will lose a lot of time on this site if you are one who is easily distracted.


As in the previous site, also has a huge collection of photos, images with writings, memes that will make you laugh with laughter. A feature that I find very positive, in relation to this site, the division into categories. There are in fact various categories present at the top of the page, which will allow you to avoid losing too much time in your research, greatly simplifying your work.



This is probably the most famous site in the industry. It really contains an infinity of hilarious images. In this site there are not only static images, but also many gifs, that is images in which various frames follow one another at infinity. (If you are interested in learning how to make a law here: How to easily create a GIF). This site also offers the possibility to register, share and interact with other users. So certainly the best on the list.


This less known than the previous one, however I consider it a worthy rival. In fact the amount of images collected in the huge site's databases, and these are very different from each other. You will find images really taken, nice photo editing, writing and memes of all kinds. In short, I strongly recommend (if you have nothing important to do) to take a tour on this site.


This site is quite different from the previous ones. In fact the theme is essentially the same, that is stupid and amusing images, however all the images present in this site are animated, they are GIF. This is why I consider it very interesting, especially now that it is possible to share this type of images on social networks. In my opinion they do much more than a static image! Especially if they depict embarrassing or fail situations.


This is probably the best known Italian site. I don't think he needs special presentations. Indeed very well organized, separating all the multimedia contents in the appropriate categories, avoiding making you waste too much time searching for images to share or send. In short, this site is undoubtedly among the most recommended in the industry to search for funny bastardidentro images.


The list with the best sites for sharing funny and stupid images ends here. However if you know others, if you have doubts or suggestions don't hesitate to comment!

Surely you will have found among these sites stupid images, ironic images, humorous images, funny images to send on WhatsApp or via email. Good fun.