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Foursquare, here is the new look

Here's what to expect from the renewal of the app

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"All that is modern is overcome sooner or later". This sentence by Oscar Wilde describes well the motivation for which in the dynamic digital world the evolution and the constant updating can make the difference to get success. Foursquare was one of the most popular applications by the public on a global scale and has experienced a long stalemate in recent months, in which the various functions made available to the user had made it into a service hybrid suspended between Facebook check-ins, Instagram likes, TripAdvisor recommendations and Google Places information.

Dennis Crowley – co-founder and CEO of Foursquare – assessed at the beginning of 2014 that this phase would not take his creature very far, deciding to split the features and launch in May Swarm, the social-oriented version of the application, with check-in and passive sharing of the position, a service closer to Nearby Friends of Facebook.

This paves the way for the new Foursquare, coming in the next few days, which is proposed as a real revolution in the field of mobile applications designed to discover and evaluate the places of interest.

We still don't have the chance to try it, but in the meantime we can admire the new logo and the new brand image, decidedly appealing, launched with an unexpected tweet:

The logo it changes completely and becomes a reworking of the concept of geolocation, true DNA of Foursquare, with an F in the foreground in the shape of a flag. The green, present in the previous logo and in several levels of the application, is completely replaced by a very bright pink, called "Pink watermelon".

The new look, according to Crowley's statement, will allow the brand to be able to experience and to guarantee a more graphic interface pleasant and user-friendly. A qualitative leap that characterizes the platform even more and brings the brand closer to its famous competitors. Do you like the new Foursquare image? Reply in the comments!


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