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Forgotten iPhone and iPad unlock code

It is not uncommon to forget a password, given that we have so many to remember, or it may happen that we have memorized them somewhere and we do not remember where and this is always a huge inconvenience. What to do in the case of the forgotten iPhone and iPad unlock code? If you have forgotten the password of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or type the wrong code too many times, the device will be disabled and you will no longer be able to access the device.

Don't panic, because even you have been hit by the problem of the forgotten iPad code or that of the iPhone, or you have forgotten the iPad or iPhone password, or if a message says that the device is disabled, follow the procedure that we propose to you and you can access back to the device.

In case of forgotten iPhone and iPad unlock code, the advice I can give you is to try to find it at all costs. Even if you lose a few and avoid typing a wrong code at random, because if this is keyed in several times, the device will be inexorably blocked, and a message on the display communicates that the device is disabled.

Forgotten iPhone and iPad unlock code

If you can no longer remember the unlock code, you can always continue using the iPad or iPhone, but the data contained in them will be permanently compromised. The reason that you will be forced to initialize the device and you can only save them if you have previously backed up the device. We go by order.

Forgotten iPhone and iPad unlock code

Access code forgotten iPhone and iPad? Unless you have made a backup before you have forgotten your access code, there is no other way to save the data contained in the device. You will need to format the file to delete all data and settings. These are the possible procedures if you previously used one of these methods to make the backup (all the following procedure, identical for iPhone and iPad):

  • Backup via iTunes.
  • Using Cloud and "Find my iPhone" enabled.
  • If you do not use iCloud and cannot synchronize or connect with iTunes, use the restore mode.

IPhone restore procedure with iTunes

If you previously synced iPhone with iTunes, you can restore the device and recover all the data.

  • Connect the device to the same computer with which you have synchronized.
  • Open iTunes. If the password is requested, try using another computer on which you have synchronized the device, alternatively you must use the recovery mode.
  • Wait for iTunes to complete the synchronization of the device and automatically make a backup as well.
  • Once synchronization and backup are complete, click Restore (the device).

IPhone itunes unlock code

  • When the iOS device arrives at the "Setup Assistant" screen choose "Restore from iTunes backup".
  • Select the device in iTunes. View the date and size of each backup and choose the most recent one.

Initialize with Cloud and "Find my iPhone"

If iPhone and iPad access code forgotten and active "Find my iPhone" on your iOS or Mac device, you can use iCloud to initialize and restore the device. If you had previously made a backup then you will not lose the data on the device

  • From another device, go to
  • If requested, log in with your Apple ID.
  • Click on "All devices" at the top of the browser window.
  • Select the device you want to initialize.
  • Click Initialize (device) to initialize the device and its access code.
  • You can now restore the device from a backup or set it as new. If the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, it cannot be initialized by "Find My iPhone".

Use iPhone Recovery Mode

This is the procedure to use if the iPhone and iPad unlock code has been forgotten, you have never synchronized the device with iTunes, you have never set "Find my iPhone" and iCloud or if you do not have access to your computer. Then in this case necessary to use the "Recovery mode", putting the device in recovery mode that involves the initialization of the device. This will erase all the data in the device and also the access code.

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • While the device is connected, force the reboot: Press and hold the keys Power onis Homeat the same time. Not leaving when you see the Apple logo – keep pressing until you see the recovery mode screen.

IPhone unlock code

  • When you see the possibility of restoring or updating on iTunes, choose Restore.

IPhone 2 unlock code

iTunes will download the software for the device. It takes more than 15 minutes, the device exits the recovery mode and you have to repeat steps 2 and 3.

Wait for the process to finish. Now you can configure and use the device even if you are in the situation of the forgotten iPhone unlock code.

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