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Finally a stylus compatible with all Android tablets

Google adheres to the Universal Stylus Initiative, an action plan for the adoption of a single standard for digital nibs

(Photo: Wacom)(Photo: Wacom)

Within the macro category of Android tablets there is a type of product that has never worked particularly: that of tablets with digital stylus included. For this reason we welcome the news that Google has communicated its support for the Universal Stylus Initiative, an action plan in which some thirty companies are currently participating and that aims to promote the adoption of a single standard that make the active nibs of the producers inter-compatible adherents with all touch screens designed for this use.

The tablets with Android digital stylus arrived on the market well before the Apple iPad Pro, but compared to the Cupertino tablet they discount usual fragmentation problem: every manufacturer that relies on the operating system of the green robot adopts the technology it deems best or most advantageous for its own stylus, but which is not compatible with the others in circulation. The situation has a negative impact on the number of apps able to take advantage of the technology: the developers, that to support all existing systems should multiply their efforts, often prefer to bet on iOS, where officially there are only Apple Pencil and certified accessories , and the promised earnings are more conspicuous.

The Universal Stylus Initiative includes companies such as Intel, Wacom, Lenovo, LG Display and Sharp. By joining, Google is probably hoping to push the support of the standards promoted by the group within the Android landscape. After the USI 1.0 specifications published in 2016, the version under development will allow the nibs that will satisfy the requirements to register up to 4096 pressure levels and 9 inclination levels, as well as of store information about colors and brushes most used to be used on multiple devices; compatible screens will also be able to manage up to 6 write accessories simultaneously.


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