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ESIM guide: how it goes on iPhone and Android | Video

It would come to exclaim "finally", after a long wait eSIMs officially land in Italy and not just for smartwatches. All Italian operators are preparing an official launch and us we have already tried one of the very first units by buying it regularly in a TIM center for ? 15 (lump sum). In this article we tell you about our experience and retrace together the few steps you need to install eSIM on your smartphone, whether it's an iPhone or an enabled Android.

Little change between the two ecosystems, certain passages differ but the concept does not change: you do it in no time and you can remove it with a simple click. From the store you receive a card that has on display the QR Code, fundamental element which then allows access to the installation wizard. Then there are all the classic information with number, PIN code, PUK


The eSIM revolution will initially involve few smartphones, in fact a factory setup is needed that Apple has already had for some time; iPhone owners are the ones who can therefore exult first because they will finally be able to have a dual-SIM (a classical physics and an eSIM).

On this terminal the steps are really few, in fact it is enough to activate the camera application and frame the QR Code; in a flash a message appears saying: "Tap to view a preview of this cellular plan". This starts the guided process that starts with the first entry"Install the cellular plan" it's the following "Add cellular plan"; at this point it is possible to label the new number, be it a classic one (Work, Cellular Data, Personal, Travel, Secondary) or customizable.

On the iPhone therefore you can choose which user must be considered default and then used to make calls, cellular data or send messages and then associate the new number with the Apple ID and related services. The game is done, from the settings you can then customize all the classic settings (VoLTE active or not or only 3G) and decide if necessary to remove it in order to use the same eSIM on another device.


To do this test we used a Samsung Galaxy Fold, one of the few Android that currently supports eSIM (among others I remember the Google Pixels and the brand new Motorola Razr). The slot can only accommodate one physical SIM but now you can point to the double user: da "Connections"come up"SIM card management" and then "Add rate plan" it's still "Add with QR code"which starts the camera for scanning the QR Code.

Also on Galaxy Fold it is already installed correctly, with the classic options and information accessible by clicking on the eSIM icon. To remove it, just go back to the SIM card manager, click on the installed user account and then point to the last item at the bottom that simply reads "Remove". From now on the eSIM can be used immediately on another enabled device.

The passages are more or less the same also on Pixel 4, from the voice WiFI and Networks > Mobile Networks the indication of insertion of a physical SIM or download of the virtual one is given. In a few seconds, the camera is also accessed here to scan the code and the network is immediately active.


During our tests we made over 8 steps between one smartphone and another, therefore we do not find any limits of any kind and for further confirmation we also turned the question to a 119 (TIM) operator, who confirmed what has just been said. We can then switch from one device to another when necessary, without having to disturb the trolley and wasting time looking for a small pin that gives access to this small room.

A comfort not just, will be enough jealously keep the card you purchase and its QR Code. Through a simple scan it is possible to activate an eSIM (provided that it is not installed on another smartphone), so think about the possible implications that this entails: do I lose the smartphone? I will no longer have to go to the store to have a copy SIM that gives access to my number.

There are obviously so many details that will still have to be described and lived, for this reason we will soon return to the subject and certainly we will give you news as soon as the other operators will also make their eSIMs available.

Note: it is not possible to use the same eSIM simultaneously on two smartphones, you must always remove the eSIM from the one in which it is installed to be able to use it on another device.