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EasyJet experiments with iBeacon at the airport

From today, for those traveling with EasyJet, the information to move at the airport arrives directly on your smartphone, at the precise moment when they are needed

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<p>We have already told you about iBeacon, Apple's new technology that gives an incredible boost to the <strong>proximity marketing</strong>, or the promotion made on people who are in a certain area and are close to a specific device. Many shops, museums and sports centers are <strong>experimenting with this technology</strong>, and from today will also be available in the app of <strong>EasyJet airline</strong>.</p>
<p>There <strong>first test phase</strong> you will see the travelers who spend this summer through <strong>3 important airport hubs</strong>: London Luton, London Gatwick and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The EasyJet app will automatically send your passengers information to get around the airport better, remember the documents to prepare for getting on the plane, reiterate <strong>the rules to follow</strong> in security checks: the goal of making <strong>faster experience</strong> of travelers, through <strong>timely assistance</strong> and geolocated.</p><div class=

If the experiment will prove the benefits for passengers EasyJet, will be implemented throughout Europe. Here are the words of Peter Duffy, Commercial Director of the company:"This is another example of the innovations that easyJet is implementing to make passenger travel easier. Being the first airline to test iBeacon in Europe, easyJet can help accelerate movements within the airport and provide assistance to its passengers making the flight experience with EasyJet even easier.


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