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DVD Jon, frontal attachment to the iTunes Music Store

The frontal and direct attack: buying music from the iTunes Music Store without using iTunes. The declared purpose: to download music that is not protected by Fair Play. To complete this "one-two" to the entire structure on which Apple's music business is based, a software called PyMusique.

The release of the software will certainly not pass over in silence and this not only because it is very difficult to keep Apple with our hands, but because among those who wrote the code appears the name of John Lech Johansen, or the young Norwegian hacker who was the author of DeCSS, the first utility able to defeat the DVD encoding system.

Johansen, better known as ome "DVD Jon", after being unscathed from a trial brought against him by some of the film mayors, turned his attention to iTunes developing QTFairUse, a software capable of opening files protected with FairPlay and play them in QuickTime and save them in a unprotected file. Johansen had defended his right to work for the decryption of Apple's music in the name of the users' right to manage the products he bought as best he could.

This motivation, which then the same with which "DVD Jon" had released DeCSS, also brought by the authors of PyMusique (in addition to Johanson, Travis Watkins, Cody Brocious) according to which it is simply an "honest interface" to access the services of iTunes, in practice a system that would circumvent the impositions of Apple.

At the moment PyMusique available as source code (it is not a real application) usable also in Mac OS X dependent on Python; a real application available only for Windows and Linux, but there is little doubt that the application will also come for Mac. Assuming that Apple does not intervene before, perhaps dissuading (with good or bad) users who access through the interface of PyMusique.