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DuckDuckGo to browse the web without being identified

DuckDuckGo to browse the web

The motto: We believe in better research and real privacy at the same time. A sentence contains all the spirit and mission of DuckDuckGo, a search engine whose main characteristic is not to be identified and tracked when surfing the web. This is a browser mainly based on privacy. As stated, it does not store information on user searches and is configured as the best alternative to Google.

How DuckDuckGo works to protect privacy

DuckDuckGo to protect privacy

DuckDuckGo is defined as a search engine that stands out for its marked attention to privacy. To do this, it does not store any IP address, does not record information about the user and uses cookies only when strictly necessary.

Normally, when you search and click on a site, our information, such as tsearch terms, the browser which we use, lIP of our computer and other personal information are sent to the owner of that site. This allows others to identify us uniquely.

Typical search engines like Google and Bing store the search history on their servers. The history includes all the sites you visited in the previous period. They don't just save a list of sites and search terms. These search engines also collect the time and date of the search and your IP address, the browser you are using and the operating system on which you are running. Your account information is also stored as usernames and passwords if you visit a site you are registered to.

Mostly, our data is used for commercial purposes, per advertising campaigns more targeted, but can also be used for fraudulent purposes. The search engine DuckDuckGo born instead to guarantee the privacy of the users, not allowing during the navigation to send data concerning our computer or our habits.

secure search on the web

Did you notice that some advertisements are targeted to our latest web searches? Well, this depends on the fact that we have been tracked and the advertising companies build profiles on our people. DuckDuckGo does not store or send any personal information to others, not even searches or histories like Google does.

This browser does not store any of those data on their servers, and therefore there is literally no information to sell, give or give to others.

How exactly does DuckDuckGo work without personal information? They use different methods to keep your private data exactly like that – private!

Another little-known aspect of browsers, that the results of our research are influenced by our behavior on the web. We like what we like or don't like, so the browser creates a filter. In the foreground is highlighted what we are most interested in according to their criteria, discarding what they think we do not like.

We therefore live a filtered reality, conditioned by what others think of us. Who knows how many interesting things we lost in our research! This is another reason why DuckDuckGo it appears interesting, being free of any third-party filters and conditionings.

How DuckDuckGo works

  • Go at the address clicking on this link.
  • From the search bar, simply type in what you want to search for, and DuckDuckGo through crowdsourcing sites shows you all the results found, gathering information from the network without any filter.
  • The search through the DuckDuckGo engine simultaneously uses around 50 sources like Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Yandex, Blekko and others, including the proprietary crawler DuckDuckBot.
  • You can set the degree of privacy you want to your liking, deciding through the privacy configuration menu not to share the search through Redirect settings and to have the navigation encrypted with HTTPS.
privacy setting

Of course you can decide to set DuckDuckGo as the default browser, or download the extension for use with Google Chrome. However, c to say that the use of DuckDuckGo is expanding considerably, but due to its reduced functionality is not yet comparable to Google Chrome. Certainly the widespread use imposes a flash of services and functions, making this browser the real direct competitor of Google.

DuckDuckGo for iOS and Android

DuckDuckGo for iOS and Android

The success of this browser has widened the potential of DuckDuckGo providing an application even for smartphones Android is iOS.The application DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser downloadable from the respective stores. In this article we have explained how to set up DuckDuckGo on iOS. This application, besides being a search engine, also works like news reader is news aggregator.