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Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs with Leawo Blu-Ray Creator

One of the advantages of smartphones is that they can take pictures and record videos at any time. I am the first to capture every significant moment of the day. To the point of finding myself with a library composed of thousands of photos. I can hardly appreciate every single click. Many years ago paper albums were used, which included the best selected photos divided by moments. They made it possible to show the photos taken in particular events and they were also a time when family and friends would gather together to see the photo album of the best memories. Nowadays the solution re-proposes what was done with photo albums many years ago but with new technologies. It creates Blu-Ray discs of photos and videos to preserve your memories without the danger of making them yellow and seeing them even on the big screen of a TV.

To overcome the anachronistic concept of photo albums, today the most comfortable solution is to create a video composed of our best photos. This could be, as well as a great way to select the shots of a particular event, also an excellent gift idea for special moments. The problem that people unfamiliar with technology will find it difficult to create a video consisting of photos and videos. If you find yourself in this category of people, today I would like to introduce you to Leawo Blu-Ray Creator, a software available for Windows and Mac that allows the creation of Blu-Ray (but also DVDs) of videos composed of our photos and videos.

Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs with Leawo Blu-Ray Creator

Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs 1

The name of the software Leawo Blu-Ray Creator self explanatory. It allows, in fact, to create Blu-Ray discs of photos and videos (but also DVDs, if you want this solution). When I talk about create I am not referring only to the mastering phase but also to the composition of the film. In fact, it allows you to import our favorite photos and videos, allowing us to modify and arrange them in sequence, manage the animations and transitions of the video and adjust each aspect. There are more than 180 compatible formats and among them we find the most common formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV (the format of videos recorded with iPhone).

Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs 3

After completing the import of multimedia content, you can choose the type of menu you want to appear each time you play the movie. You can either choose from more than 40 templates (including the standard template, holidays, nature, sport, marriage and many others), or create your own one according to your needs. This aspect makes it possible to make the movie we are going to create unique.

The next stage is the composition of the video. Through the integrated editor, we will be able to arrange all our photos and videos in sequence. For each of them we can insert personalized writings, crop or rotate photos and videos, add effects on individual multimedia elements (such as adjusting contrast, saving, brightness and zoom percentage on a particular item) and adding effects 3D.

Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs 2

At any time you will be able to see the final result in real time using the player integrated in the software. In this way it will be easier to refine the last details to create a unique and effective video. The final step is to burn the video to disc. You can proceed either by burning the movie on a Blu-Ray or, if the need arises, even a classic DVD.


Create Blu-Ray photo and video discs with Leawo Blu-Ray Creator, and you'll have the possibility to easily create Blu-Ray and DVDs containing our favorite photos and videos. Through the integrated editor it is possible to adjust every aspect of the video in simplicity, being able to add graphic effects and see them in real time. The program available for both Windows and Mac at a cost of $ 39.95 (the license lasts one year). If you want to get a discount on the final cost of the tool, know that until November 15th you can take advantage of the promotion started for Halloween. You can find discounts up to 40% or get a free copy of the program. For more information I suggest you visit the official page of the promotion.