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Convert JPG to Word and PDF to Word

You have to convert JPG to Word orconvert PDF to Word ? It seems an impossible task if you do not have a professional program, but it does not. It is always useful to know that you can convert an image file into a text document for free, so today I want to tell you about a free web service that allows convert documents from PDF and JPG to Word, just go to the siteOnline Ocr.Without the need to install any program on your computer, you can quickly have your image file converted to Word. The procedure converts documents from PDF and JPG into Word very simple, just upload an image file that contains a text (saved in the formats PDF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG or GIF) to obtain character recognition and conversion to an editable format (Word, Txt, Rtf, Excel, XLS or HTML).

After proceeding to convert JPG to Word and PDF to Word, new documents that you have obtained converted to the text format (Word, TXT, etc.) that you have chosen, will have the same setting as the original, including tables, columns and other graphic elements present in the original file.

convert JPG to Word 1In the "Guest "(ie, without registering) you will not have all the functions. In this version there is a limitation in the conversion possibilities. It is allowed to convert up to a maximum of 15 images per hour of maximum weight up to a maximum of 5 MB. If you register on the site, you can upload and convert even heavier image files and even zipped archives.

convert JPG to Word 2

Convert JPG to Word and PDF to Word

It is important to point out that image quality is one of the most important factors that improve the quality of recognition. A resolution of 200-400 DPI for the input images improves the recognition with an optimal result. Furthermore, supports the recognition of 46 different languages. It means that you can insert files in 46 languages ??and will also be recognized in the conversion. Now let's see the procedure for converting image files to Word.

  1. If you do not wish to register on the site online OCR, you can go directly to Choose File (max 4Mb).
  2. Then you need to click on the buttonUpload.
  3. Now select the recognition language.
  4. Choose the file format in which you want to convert the document.
  5. Enter the code that appears on the screen in the box.
  6. Click on Recognize.
  7. Click onDownload Output Fileto download the converted file to your computer. If the image file consists of multiple pages, only the first page is converted (see the option with Registration). In this case, if you have a document with multiple pages, you need to insert every single page.

If you need to convert JPG to Word in a professional way with documents consisting of many pages, you should register for the site for free and registrationgive you access to other features that are not available to guest users: recognize large images, the ZIP archives is Multipage PDF, choose the recognition languages, convert to editable formats and other settings.

How to register for free on-line OCR

To register for the site you need to create a free account. This will allow you to take advantage of all the potential of this service. In addition to the features already described, you can insert documents up to 50 pages and files of up to 200 MB for free. In addition to this limit, you will have to pay for the service based on the number of pages in the document.

Create your account by going to this link and entering the requested data.

convert JPG to Word 3

Log in to your account by logging in and a page will appear that will guide you easily on the steps to take. Select the language of the document, select the format in which you want to convert the document, select if you need to convert all the pages or just some pages of the document (in this case enter the number of pages). The next step is to select the file to convert (max 50 pages and 200 MB) that you will need to have on your computer or on an external drive. Press on the button Select File … and after selecting the file click on CONVERT.

convert JPG to Word 4

After that online OCR has made the recognition and conversion of the file, this will be returned to you and automatically downloaded to your computer in the chosen format.

This all. In fact, registering conveniently, because creating the account totally free and you will have many more functions than the guest version.