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Capture videos from Xbox and PlayStation and save them on PC and Mac

In this guide we will see how possible capture video from Xbox and PlayStation besides from iOS devices and watch them on the screen of a PC or Mac. The solution seems complex, but in reality very simple and can be realized with the help of a few software and hardware tools such as theGame Capture HD by Elgato.

With the method we propose, we can record video directly from an iOS device, avoiding recording the screen with external video cameras. It is also possible capture videos of your games played on Xbox and PlayStation. You can also share videos on Youtube or other social media, or broadcast them in live streaming.

Capture video from Xbox and PlayStation - elgato

The first thing you need to capture video from Xbox and PlayStation, but in this case from an iOS device, from any Apple mobile device. It is possible to register from all devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Older devices that use the 30-pin connector can also be used.

The second thing you need is a Lightning Digital AV Adapter Apple.

Capture video from Xbox and PlayStation - digital av

This adapter allows you to connect your iOS device directly to an HDMI output. The cableLightning Digital AV Adapter allows you to connect the device to the video output of a TV. It also has a Lightning input port for charging the device during video output. In this example we do not use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter as a video output on a TV, but to connect the iOS device and the video capture device we use the HDMI cable.

Capture video from Xbox and PlayStation - Game-Capture-HD

Game Capture HD by Elgatoworks very well to capture any HDMI source, even if it is quite cheap and has good software. The Game Capture HD can capture video up to 1080p and has an HDMI input and an A / V input for video capture. It allows the HDMI connection for viewing videos on an external monitor, and a USB connection for connecting to a Mac. Needless to say, this is the key device that makes the whole acquisition process work.

As the name implies, the Game Capture HD designed to capture content even from video game consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox, however it works great with any other type of HDCP-protected video content.

According to Elgato, the Game Capture HD uses advanced hardware encoding H.264 to capture your game in a beautiful format 1080p Full HDwhile maintaining the reduced file size. By manipulating the settings found in the Game Capture Software Preferences, you can create precise capture environments that match your needs.

How to capture video from Xbox and PlayStation but also from iPhone and iPad

These are the connections to be made for the acquisition of video content from an iOS device:

  • Connect Lightning Digital AV Adapter to the iOS device
  • Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the Lightning Digital AV Adapter
  • Connect the opposite end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI input on the Game Capture HD
  • Connect a USB cable to the Game Capture HD USB port
  • Connect the opposite end of the USB cable to the USB port of your Mac

Capture video from Xbox and PlayStation - Links

Once you've made the connections, start the software on your computer Game Capture HDand click on the red registration button. Now it should start capturing video from the iOS device and save the recording to a location you previously chose on the computer. It also captures incoming sounds, and a nice thing if you are playing a game on the console and want to show the complete experience.

Capture video from Xbox and PlayStation - Game-Capture-HD

In addition to the basic capture functions, the software Game Capture HD also has basic editing features. Once you change the captured video to your liking, you can upload the finished product directly to Youtube or for sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Another feature that I like about the Game Capture acquisition software is its live streaming capability. If you have an account YouTube Partner with function of live streaming, you can use the Game Capture HD in live streaming of the videos coming directly from the connected devices. This function, like the rest of the features of the Game Capture HD, was originally intended to be used only with game consoles. But nothing prevents its features from being used to capture iOS videos.

Capture videos from Xbox and PlayStation - Game-Capture-Live-Stream

Council Game Capture HD to anyone interested in capturing video from Xbox and PlayStation and improving their iOS video creation skills. If you are not a Mac user, Game Capture HD also works for PC users.