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Blackview BV8000 Pro: TWRP and Root Permissions

In this guide I will show you the procedure to install TWRP Recovery and get i root permissions up Blackview BV8000 Pro. Root permissions allow the smartphone owner to take full possession of their device. This means that after unlocking the phone root, you can also unlock all the features of the device and have full permission to customize it as you wish. It means that it is possible to install custom ROMs, install custom Mods and optimize the phone using various devices.

The root up Blackview BV8000 Pro also the best way to save battery power, because after unlocking the root you can disable all apps with a single click and also have the right to remove the pre-installed system apps from the phone manufacturer and that are often not of our use. Here is the guide to installing TWRP Recovery and getting Root permissions on Blackview BV8000 Pro.

How to install TWRP Recovery on the BV8000 Pro


1. This is a unique guide that works on almost all Mediatek devices, so follow this procedure to flash any Mediatek.2 device. Following this guide, all data will be deleted from the smartphone. Make sure you make a backup.3. Be careful, we are not responsible for any damage, bootloop or any other problem you may have on your device.4. Make sure that the device is at least 50% charged during the installation procedure, to avoid accidental closure.5. Follow all the steps carefully.

These are the necessary files:

SP Flash tools v5.1524.00 for Windows Download
V-COM Driver (Must Require) Download
TWRP for BlackviewBV8000 Pro Download


Step 1- First of all download the toolSP Flash and extract it inside a folder. For example, you can extract it in the C drive of the computer. This is useful for updating your smartphone.

Step 2 – Download and install i driverVcomin your PC. This is a prerequisite for the Sp Flash tool. Without the drivers you can't flash the device.

Step 3 – At this point download the TWRP Recovery file for BlackviewBV8000 Pro.

Step 4: Extract the recovery file into a folder. For example, you can extract it to the desktop.

Step 5: Go to the Sp Flash folder and start ?Flash tools.exe".

Step 6: Among the tabs at the top selectDownload, click on SCATTER-LOADING. A window will appear, look for the scatter file present in the recovery folder extracted previously.

Step 7: Select Recovery only from the list of entries at the bottom. Always on the linerecovery, in the columnLocation load the recovery file located in the folder extracted previously.

Blackview BV8000 Pro root

Step 8: Connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable without a battery and wait for the procedure to start. A red bar will appear at the bottom of the window, turning yellow and then green. Done.

How to get root permissions on Blackview BV8000 Pro

Step 1. Download and install Supersu or Magisk and save it in the device memory. (internal or external). Step 2. Turn off the phone and press the buttonPower + Volume Up to start the device in TWRP Recovery. Step 3. In TWRP Recovery go to the Backup tab and create a nandroid backup, you need to select all the partitions including ESF. Step 4. Go to the entry install, look for the folder where you saved the two previously downloaded files and select them to install them. Confirm the installation and wait for it to complete. Now restart the system.

We have completed the guide to install TWRP Recovery and obtain Root permissions on Blackview BV8000 Pro. If you have any questions use the comment section at the end of this article.

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