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Before Instagram there was Burbn, another check-in app

A story made up of American whiskeys, failures and (of course) photographs

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<p>Today<strong> as if you know her always</strong>. It accompanies us at work, at parties and on vacation, allowing us to apply vintage filters to our ordinary and extraordinary moments. Yet maybe someone remembers it there was a time when<strong>Instagram did not exist</strong>: how many of us really know<strong>how this app was born</strong>?</p>
<p>The Instagram story told in a book by Keith Sawyer is born with <strong>a glass of Kentucky whiskey</strong>, great passion of Kevin Systrom. from this love the name of is born <strong>Burbn, location-based app that allowed for check-in</strong>, plan future checks, earn points for socializing moments <strong>post photos</strong> outings with friends.</p><div class=

To the modest success on the market of Burbn, Systrom reacts looking at the data: if people didn't use the app to check in, they weren't so shy when it came to sharing photographs of their lives. From this simple, essential truth was born the choice of dismantle the geolocation aspect and to focus exclusively on the structure linked to photo-sharing: a key word for Systrom, which synthesizes perfectly the two souls of Instagram, or the photographic one (which was missing on Facebook) and the social one (on which app like Hipstamatic were lacking). After Burbn, after months of experimentation, the app that we know today is more or less born.

If we need to find a moral to this story, Systrom suggests it: "Burbn was a false start. All the best companies have a predecessor. YouTube was a dating site. We must always evolve into something different ".


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