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Bamboo Slate A4, the proof of the Wacom tablet for cartoonists who love paper

Bamboo Slate is a perfect tool for designers and graphic designers who usually create their works first on paper and then digitally redo them. This test says it and the tests that prove it are all inside this test

I'm at a meeting with other people, we're sitting in a circle, like a meeting of anonymous alcoholics, but more intimate.

We are not many in this circle but we all know each other more or less, I see Valerio Schiti, designer of "The Guardians of the Galaxy", and Riccardo Torti, creator of "Torti marci" and designer of Dylan Dog. Also Sara Pichelli, Spider-man's designer, one of the faces I have been meeting for a long time, or Emiliano Mammucari, of "Orfani", who jumps for a few meetings because, like Sara too, they sometimes tend to fall into " vice ?, and they come here a bit to scrounge coffee and sweets.

I stand up when everyone is seated and I introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Giacomo Bevilacqua, I'm a cartoonist, and I haven't used paper for several years

"Hi, Giacomo", the others say in chorus.

Not being new to the subject, having dealt with it a couple of times here on Wired, I decided to make a slightly different introduction. In a nutshell this: I've been a cartoonist for more than 10 years and I dropped the 8 paper, in favor of digital drawing. For this reason I made a strange face when Maurizio Pesce asked me if I wanted to test the new Wacom Bamboo Slates.

But let's go in order: so a Bamboo Slate? simple, this is a Bamboo Slate:

Bamboo Slate

a sketch pad placed on a rigid folder on which it is possible to draw with a special pen supplied.

Wacom Bamboo Slate

What does the Bamboo Slate do? simple, on the Bamboo Slate you draw and write.

A drawing made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

And so far there is nothing strange, the thing that makes the Bamboo Slate an object different from the ordinary this key:

The special key of the Wacom Bamboo Slate

Pressing this key, in fact, everything drawn on the sheet ends here:

A drawing made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

In this way:

A drawing made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

Obviously the first time I tried this object, having left the paper almost completely, I went short.

What good is a thing like that? To answer me I started doing some tests, before I wrote a little about it.

An inscription made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

I digitized what I had written and was amazed at the result.

An inscription made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

So I designed Panda.

Panda likes it made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

And I digitized it.

Panda likes it made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

The file, once digitized, is displayed in the INKSPACE app, by Wacom, an app similar to Bamboo Paper, which allows you to:

archive all digitized images in order

INKSPACE archive

change what you have designed or written on the fly

INKSPACE archive

export the image in different formats

INKSPACE archive

The pen is very comfortable to hold and has a nice clean line. I believe that those who usually make very nuanced and complex drawings can find each single dash drawn: I think it depends on the pressure of the pen and the precision of the sensor, if for example my drawing on paper cos:

Panda likes it made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

The digital yield will be this:

Panda likes it made on Wacom Bamboo Slate

This tool for chinon has still completely abandoned the paper in favor of digital, but still wants to keep its sketches or even its notes or tables in an orderly and digitally editable way. a tool that can be used by anyone, professionals or not.

I have to say the truth, initially I was skeptical, I couldn't understand who could have made the most of this contraption's potential. I, being faithful to the Wacom Cintiq models: they are graphic tablets that allow me to do the work directly in digital, not I think I am the ideal target for this Slate, then people like Sio came to mind, for example, that is authors or designers who are used to create their comics or their projects first on paper, and then digitally redo them.

In this case, with a key, they could keep the initial phases of their project on paper, but then transfer it from scratch to digital, ready to be used, for example as a draft or layout.

The Slate comes in two A4 sizes, and A5 often drawing around or in a train, and preferring the small format. I had asked Wacom for a chance to try the A5 for convenience, but I was sent lA4, which I found a bit too cumbersome, but maybe for those who are used to writing in the school notebook format, it may be optimal.

In essence, Bamboo Slate is a fun product, and it does very well what it promises

a good playmate for the preliminary stages of a job or to transform a drawing or a thought or a table on the fly, or anything else you want to share immediately via email or on social networks.

The Slate can also be thought of for clean-cut professionals, who don't want to give up paper, but who perhaps have a strong presence on social media and little time to scan and clean designs made on the fly: if you think you fit into this category, the Slate could do for you.

Among other things, as I was thinking about this thing, I was reminded of Leo Ortolani, a friend and colleague who would have been the perfect target for this product, a friend who, as chance would have it, would have taken years and had also invited me at his birthday, so I didn't hesitate and bought it for him as a gift. I got him the A5 version.

I enclose photo.

Leo Ortolani with the Wacom Bamboo Slate A5

I will be curious to know your impressions in a short time. Or even if you can only turn it on (joke, Le, tvb).

For those instead of being a digital maniac like me, the new Cintiq Pro 13 and 16 inches have recently been released: I have the 16, and I must admit that a truly unique design experience.

Ah, if you want, sometimes on my social profiles (Facebook and Instagram) I place drawings and illustrations made with digital products, different graphic tablets, tablets, etc. more or less professional tools, but basically I try more and I'm happier. So if you subscribe and in the comments you want to ask me information or something else, in general I always reply. See you soon.


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